Dual surname: new possibilities of family law

information about the appearance of the first double names belong to the X century - the period of the feudal West, where they were assigned by the names complain or inherited plots of earth.With each generation, they could change due to the acquisition of new holdings.

In Ancient Russia such practices did not exist, as even the feudal princes were forbidden to hold plots in the property, and even more so to pass them by inheritance.

As for Russia, in the middle of the XIX century Russian double surnames are often formed by literature, the writer's nickname when blended with his real name.For example, Mamin-Siberian and Saltykov-Shchedrin.

And only at the beginning of the XX century, thanks to the emancipation of women, double surname has become quite popular in today's society.In the past, there is a time when the spouses were a mandatory move "under the wing" of their husbands.

According to statistics, today more than 80% of young girls after marriage come to the family's wife, about 15% prefer to leave your name and premarital only 5% Suite double surname.

In very rare cases, the groom goes voluntarily into the family of his bride.Typically, this occurs in those situations where it is essential.For example, when pre-marital name does not sound very nice or causes negative associations.

Can I take a double surname today?

Russian Family Code does not limit the Russians in choosing names, however, it is worth to take into account some of the nuances.Since the double surname in modern Russia - the phenomenon is still quite rare, it is those who are thinking of this option change his signature, should know that they get it right, both - husband and wife.Last spouse thus must always come first, while the wife - only the second.

Regarding the assignment of double family name of the child, the more often it is the desire arises in those couples where the woman after her marriage chose to leave yourself a premarital signature.Under Russian law, a double name, which is assigned to a minor child shall consist only of my mother's and my father, but not of the grandfather or my grandmother.But most importantly - give it to your baby, you can only if one of the parents will also take her to him.The fact is that under the law a child can only get the name of mom or dad.

And as family law is regulated in other countries?For example, in Canada (State of Quebec) Act prohibited the girls to take the surname of her husband.How to find in Quebec, it is a personal family values, and a woman - is not a thing that is required each time to try the signature of another owner.
But in America, the couple after marriage without the problems may take a completely foreign family name.

Without a doubt, one name for two - a great symbol of the union of two loving people together.In the end it is not so important, and what she is your family.The main thing that your house was dominated by love, mutual understanding and respect, which have long been the main components of every successful marriage.