ROZDZDVO, Slavic New Year

These fun days many people want to ask: How did we come to the New Year?Firstly, it is useful to be noted that the ancient cultures celebrated the New Year on the night of 21 to 22 December to the modern calendar.Ancient Slavs mentioned in the longest night of the feast called ROZDZDVO.

Our ancestors believed that the night December 21 the whole universe dies, or is absorbed by the dark dragon.All die, even the sun, the stars and the gods.And it may come to an end.They were afraid that the morning sun may not rise.So all night burning torch, candles, oil lamps.They were supposed to be 120 - the number of the gods.In all ancient religions, the younger gods, or the forces that govern the universe (in Christianity - the Archangels) was 120. Each of the 120 splinters (or gravelights) was supposed to help one of the 120 gods reborn or born again.This guessing a large number of desires - to the newly created universe, they were executed, be sure to have taken place.Make a wish, the lights burned until dawn.When the sun rose, they were glad.A new sun has risen!Born a new universe!The desires will be fulfilled!They drank intoxicating drink and indulged in dancing and having fun.

that night and celebrate all Indian religion and Tibetan, where it has about the same value.That night and celebrate the Celts.The Celts this night is born a god of nature, died on Halloween.The early Christians birth of Jesus Christ and fell on the night of the date and modern Catholic Christmas is not far behind her in time (for three days).Even Muslims in Arab countries (most of all in Iran) in the night do not sleep, make a wish and covered fruit table, where the main dish is a watermelon.Thus, the New Year with 21 on December 22 - is really ecumenical festival celebrated by all religions, traditions and cultures.

How to celebrate

first prepare the table.It shall consist of not less than 12 dishes.The more food on the table, the more fruitful and happy will be a year - and so will you abundantly table over the coming year.

Day December 21 is desirable to sleep well.At sunset sit down and spend the old sun.Then light a candle 120 (now you can use incense sticks), and make a wish.The desire to see the best picture before the mind's eye, the desire must be fulfilled already.Wish necessary to think a lot - the highest requests, the big get.The process of making wishes very tired man and takes a lot of energy.It is believed that on this night the spirits, both good and evil lose their power over the people, and they are obliged to fulfill the wishes of the people.In the morning, the sunrise, it is recommended to go to the high place with a champagne and food.

When the sun comes up - to rejoice, dance, open the champagne.After returning to the festive table, congratulating all a Happy New Year and to continue the feast.

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