Special keys on the keyboard.

The keyboard is the primary means of user input into a computer.In English, it is denoted by the word keyboard - "push-button board."The classic version of the keyboard has 101 or 102 button.Computer peripheral manufacturers are constantly improving keybordy.Therefore, computer keyboard, layout, shortcuts, symbols, signs can be on different models of these devices located in different ways.

For the convenience of exploring the possibilities of keyboard input all keys can be divided into segments, each of which is responsible for certain functions.

digital keys and letter set

keyboard and keys in it, used to enter text and commands that occupy a large part of this peripheral.Most of the buttons is provided on its front side image of numbers, letters, punctuation marks and special symbols.By default, all the input characters - lowercase t. E. Small.Each button has a picture letters of the alphabet, a number - the letter of the Russian alphabet.Sometimes there are three characters, for example, that it was easier to enter text in the Ukrainian language, for example, a button with the letter S stands for English and Russian letter "s," and Ukrainian "i", depending on the selected input language.

occupy the second row from the top buttons used to enter numbers.As in the letter keys on the front surface of each digit in addition, there are certain characters common in various texts.To switch to print these characters, you must use the service keys.

digital keys and letter set to be essential.Learn what the special keys on the keyboard can be quite simple - they are not responsible for any direct tsifirno-letter input, and help the user to work with the information.

General purpose of the special keys

name of the special keys on the keyboard correspond to their core functions.All types of keys can be divided into several categories.

  • keys for performing the service commands.
  • keys for editing.
  • special keys.
  • keys responsible for various functions.
  • keys, with which you can control the cursor.
  • Additional (auxiliary) button.

Service keys keyboard

the Service button on the keyboard are five: Shift, Caps Lock, Ctrl, Num Lock, Alt.These special keys on the keyboard I usually appoint other buttons so they are called the modifier keys.

Shift key default is for uppercase letters.If you press Shift while the indicator Caps Lock, the letters will be printed in the line version.The Shift key is also designed to control the cursor by pressing the button, and cursor arrows, you can move it on the monitor.

Button Caps Lock (full name of the capitals lock) is designed for the constant change of the letters to lowercase to uppercase and vice versa.If there is a need to enter text in capital letters big, you can use the button Caps Lock.If you press this button once, the right indicator lights, and all the letters in the text to be typed in capital letters.When you double-click the indicator goes out, and printed as capital letters.

key Ctrl (Control) is a button, transform parameter values ​​its functions are written by hand and may differ depending on the program selected by the user.

Num Lock button is designed for easy entry of numerical parameters.Translation from English as fixing digits.When pressed, the corresponding indicator lights up, and the number keys are available on the right side of the keyboard.When switched off, the value of Num Lock key on the right side the function of the cursor.

Thus, the indicator helps determine which specific keys on the keyboard are turned on and whether the Caps Lock and Num lock in operation.

button Alt (alternate), as well as the above key Ctrl, change the options of other keys.As a rule, it extends the capabilities of the other keys on the keypad, its narrow values ​​can also vary from program to program.The literal translation from English - the alternation of, change.In addition, some programs left and right Alt is responsible for different tasks and do not duplicate each other.

Print Screen button will snap a picture on the screen and save it as an image.

Pause Break key is used to boot the suspension or download files and applications

keys for editing

Appointment of special keys on the keyboard - to facilitate the user's work in the programs and text editors.

button Space (space) - Long button located in the bottom row of the keyboard.Name the key speaks for itself - a space for separation of words, symbols and numbers from each other.

Backspace button is responsible for the removal of signs and symbols to the left.It is also used to return to previously opened browser page or to the previous screen in the program.

Delete button is responsible for the removal of the symbols to the right of the cursor, cleans the basket selected areas of text, tables or images.

Button Insert - switches the keyboard to replace mode.This button is designed for text input.Start editing is determined by the agreed insertion point and replace the already entered text to be copied.For example, if you want in the table highlight the desired area and insert it into another database, use the key combination Insert + Ctrl to select the desired part of the table, Shift + Insert to paste the area to the desired location.

Function keys

functionality - a special key on the keyboard, which are located along the top row.They are designated as the number of keys from F1 to F12.Every single button is used to perform specific options in a particular program.The function of each button is prescribed separately.For example, when working with documents Word, F7 key checks the spelling using a dictionary, F5 - serves to "find and replace" and F12 offers a way to save the document.

exception is the F1 key is pressed -with monitor displays background information to facilitate the work with the program or operating system.

Special keys

Esc button cancels the last user action.Key name is translated as "to make an escape, to run."The main option is the key - to return the program to its previous state, or out of the running application.Sometimes it helps if the program stops responding to the appeal of this person.

button Enter (Enter) is intended to confirm the team, its input, run the installed programs and applications.In a text editor Pressing moves the cursor to the next line.

Button Tab (tab) is useful when working with tables, is to move from column to column.The text editor used to create the indentation.The various programs and games to the key can be assigned different functions.

Cursor keys

The cursor keys are located between alphabetic and numeric keypad shortened.First of all - this is the key, in which the arrows are drawn.When you press the cursor moves one position, according to the direction of the arrow.

Home key returns the cursor to the beginning of the text or page.

End key moves the cursor to the end of the page or text.

the Page Up and Page Down keys, move the cursor to the next or previous page respectively.

Auxiliary key

Special keys on the keyboard, which facilitate the user's work with the operating system, called auxiliary.

Button Windows - the same as pressing "Start" icon in Windows.The combination of this key with other keys, simplifies the user experience.On the Windows button is usually depicted -logotip.

Context button a context menu.Its action is similar to pressing the right mouse button.

Thus, the special keys on the computer keyboard is much easier to work by and open new opportunities for the use of the operating system.