Bank "ICB".

of "IBC" is today one of the largest financial institutions of the Russian Federation.His activity began over twenty years ago, in 1992.All this time the bank "IBC", reviews of which define it as a serious institution, is exceptionally professional employees, it has grown rapidly and continuously improve all aspects of their activities.Today, the credit organization successfully operating in all sectors of contemporary Russian financial market.

Bank "ICB" - separating

During its development, this financial institution has acquired a wide network of branches.Today the bank "ICD" Testimonials of which show him in the best light, it has offices only in the Moscow region and in the capital of our state.The number of branches and points of sales and service, as well as additional offices, there are more than seventy.

their services, said the financial institution provides both legal entities and individuals.In addition, because of the high stability of its position in the credit market because of the openness and transparency in dealing with clients, the bank had the opportunity to become a full member of the state deposit insurance scheme in 2004, when he was just gaining momentum.Under this program, each customer can get their hands on the deposit even if the complete bankruptcy of a financial organization.This practice can be applied to deposits, the amount of which is less than 700 thousand rubles.This factor has attracted new capital and enabled further development of the company "ICD" bank.Reviews of credits obtained here suggest that the owners are trying to work honestly as possible, and do not overload your contract various hidden fees.

main activity

in providing services to individuals financial institution mainly focus on the issuance of various consumer loans.However, apart from such programs among the residents of the Moscow region and Moscow are also very popular services mortgage and car loans.In addition, a huge number of clients drew up credit cards and now enjoy interest-free loans, which the bank offers "ICD".Testimonials about the institution indicate that in the coming years it is waiting for the second phase of rapid growth, during which the financial institution is not only significantly increase their capital but also significantly expand its field of activity.

In line services provided to legal entities should be noted that the emphasis is placed on international trade financing, maintenance of various international contracts, credit programs, and collection services.In addition, there is a special company "ICD-Leasing".With the help of the bank "IBC", reviews of which provide a very good opinion about the facility, provides a variety of leasing services.

At present customer base considered a financial institution keeps information on more than 280-thousand regular customers of the private sector, and about 25 of the thousands of different organizations.