"Promsvyazbank": reviews of experts and ordinary consumers

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and its total collapse of the economic system, the financial market of Russia immediately began to appear new players.One of them is the PSB, reviews of which provide a completely different opinion.The bank was founded in 1995.Today, the financial institution is one of the leaders in the credit market of the country and has assets of 680 billion size. Rubles and 96 billion. Rubles of its own funds.The size of PSB ranked 10th among the largest banking organizations in Russia and is one of 500 largest companies in the world dealing with finances.

PSB feedback from partners is positive.It is a universal banking organization that provides the following services:

  • Corporate banking - lending zaprlatnye projects, documentary operations, factoring, payment transactions, brokerage services, management of payments and cash flow, deposits;
  • servicing small and medium businesses - commercial loans, cash management services, the provision of a guarantee, remittances, deposits and brokerage services in various securities markets;
  • PSB, reviews of which can be found on its home page on the Internet, providing services to individuals - loans, deposits, issuing credit cards, foreign exchange and cash and settlement services;
  • financial and investment banking services - transaction on the credit markets, underwriting of corporate and municipal bonds, securities trading, corporate finance consulting, operations in the market of precious metals, personalized service VIP clients brokerage services.

if you suddenly need money or have a desire to earn on the accumulated funds, you can always apply to the PSB, addresses of branches which can easily be found on its home page.At the moment, the regional network of the financial institution has more than 300 branches and 5,300 ATMs across the Russian Federation.Credit products and banking services are provided in most regions of the country, covering 90% of its population.In addition, PSB, reviews of which can be found in the international press, it has its offices in India, Kazakhstan, Cyprus and Ukraine, but all of them, first of all, providing support to its Russian clients.

Because of its focus on service primarily corporate customers, the banking organization has a huge number of partner companies.Currently there are more than 93 000, which allows the bank to perform discounts on purchases on his card in most shops of the Russian Federation.

now quite easy to find in the city "Promsvyazbank".Moscow boasts two large offices and headquarters, while other cities will attend a maximum of one representative office.Today the number of private clients of a financial institution exceeds 1.2 million. People, which makes it very attractive for deposits and registration of credit programs.