"Gee Money" Bank: customer reviews

«Gee Money Bank" reviews which can be found on the forums on relevant topics, came to the Russian credit market almost immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union.This financial institution is a subsidiary of the credit giant General Electric, founded in the 30s of XX century.It is mainly engaged in the provision of consumer loans to individuals for the purchase of various types of household appliances.

Today "Gee Money Bank" offices which addresses can be found on the relevant information resources, mainly engaged in the issuance of its customers a variety of credit cards.Although the changed method of lending, the main direction of the financial institution has not changed.She's just like the last 70 years, provides consumer loans.

GE Money Bank - basic services

Today in the main list of services provided by the financial institution, consists of the following operations:

  • registration of bank credit cards;
  • individual loans;
  • car loans;
  • mortgage lending;
  • cooperation with large retail chains.

«Gee Money Bank", reviews of which, incidentally, is not always flattering, offers its customers a wide range of loan programs.Here you can get the necessary amount to buy a new or used car, real estate or home appliances.All loans are made as quickly as possible, and it does not require excessively large documents.The borrower is sufficient to provide mortgage object.They can be like a car or real estate or securities.In principle, almost any material value can act as a guarantor of the loan to the client.In addition, "Gee Money Bank" Testimonials about which puts it on a par with Russia's largest financial institutions, usually requires the borrower to design insurance in case of delay in the loan program.

Although Russian banking network developed GEM is not as strong as in other countries, it is still recognizable."Gee Money Bank" branch which can be found in more than 55 countries around the world, today serves more than 130 million customers.This information allows it to occupy a leading place in the field of lending.Such popularity is due to the fact that the bank creates very good conditions for the average consumer, and works with any customers.Get a credit of this organization can be very fast, even without supernatural income.

«Gee Money Bank", reviews of which there are very different, has a huge share capital components at the moment a large sum of half a billion rubles.The assets of the company reached the mark of 28 billion rubles.The organization is involved in the deposit insurance system since 2005.This allows each depositor of the bank reporting to feel safe with respect to the investment.After all, he will not lose them in the event of bankruptcy of the organization.The Russian government is obliged to pay in this case, all the contributions of citizens that do not exceed a threshold of 700 thousand. Rub.