How to choose a hair dye: tips and practice

For each girl her appearance is important.Sometimes change can dramatically change the way of life.Everyone wants to look brighter and more interesting, especially with the advent of summer, when most want to change.Marketing your dream will change hair color.

How to choose a hair color eye color

to pick up a new hair color, you need to pay attention not only on your personal preferences and ideas, but also to the color of your eyes.We can say that any color is right, but to determine the shade will help mirror of the soul.

Owners blue eyes can safely choose for themselves a cool tone.How to choose a hair dye so the ladies?Particularly impressive blue-eyed girl look with hair darker shades.Black as pitch, curls accentuate their brightness and individuality.Also cool shade of brown-haired blue-eyed girl can make unusual.If you dream of being a blonde, is worth looking at the color of platinum.Platinum blonde in vogue a few decades ago and is still considered the most representative of stylish blonde woman.

How to choose a hair color to owners of green and brown eyes

If you have green eyes, you do not just lucky.This rare color can be combined with almost all shades of hair.One condition - should be warm shades: blond wheat, nut brown.Also, if you decide to disguise in the red, it will not only courageous act, but also very successful.Regardless of color, shades of red will make you brighter.

brown-eyed girls can be proud of what they have come up with for most hair colors, because they are really the most.How to choose a hair dye kareglazkam?First, decide how you want to get away from the natural color.And then all at your fingertips.Be careful you have to be only with light shades obvious blonde with brown eyes look very unnatural.But if you do decide to clarification, do not forget that the main thing - do not go into the yellow.Another taboo - dark eyebrows, is bad, you want to get rid of if you are blonde with brown eyes.

How to pick the paint color of the skin

Skin color is also important when changing hair color.We can be divided into two types of girls: inclined to olive and pink shades.

How to choose a hair dye, if you skin is pink or very light shade?You no longer suited warm colors.If you want to be a blonde, choose fawn color.If you are more attracted to dark tones, best suited dark brown.It is worth watching how the shade you can decorate.Want to drastic measures?Red color light shade at your service.Importantly, do not cross the line between red and red, or the tone of your skin worse.

How to choose a hair dye rest?Owners olive skin, who are so proud of their tan, can immediately choose a color for a couple of shades darker than their natural.With it you can always look tanned beauty, even if sunbathing is long gone.With light colors should be modest, as the naturalness of fashion.It is better to choose a light shade of brown-haired.

How do I know what is right for you

As you know, not everything in theory fits a certain type of person is right for you.Individual features in this issue are important.How to choose a hair dye?If you are afraid of experiments, better "try on" the color previously.This will help Stores Wigs, of which a large array.Having tried a wig, you will understand about what hair style suits you more.

What paint to choose for hair, if you are still not sure?If you do not trust his taste, you can always ask the opinion of a friend.Another, more faithful version - ask the expert.Stylists are always ready to give you advice.

final decision

When you are particular with the color, you will be the last stage of the selection of paint that would suit your preferences.What paint to choose for hair, if you need only a temporary effect?Of course, you should get a toning balm for hair.He washed off after several shampooing procedures.It has a wide range of colors, allowing you to experiment more often.

If we are talking about long-term color, it is best to choose a stable cream.It lasts longer, keeping your shade pristine.It is much more practical.

If you have dark hair and you dream of bright colors, have to turn to the clarifier.But keep in mind that they spoil the hair structure is much more simple paint.Because of this, all of them less frequently used.Pay attention to costs and the consistency of paint.Thus, the cream is applied with a brush, which is not always convenient, but the mousse is applied as a shampoo.