How to rewrite the texts?

Rewriting articles (colloquial rewriting) - a summary of the article with his tongue, without changing the information load.

known that the World Wide Web has information on any topic, the case for small - to find out where she was?Use on the resource completely ripped off someone text called copy-paste, is not necessary.None of the search engines will not miss such content.

Therefore sites chasing unique texts, in other words, the article should not be duplicated or more on a single resource.The direct way to get this kind of information - rewrite the right.

How to rewrite ?

  1. If compared with the modified source code word forms - such worthless rewrite.
  2. Some authors go through a more complicated way - is introduced instead of the words of their synonyms.This amateurish approach for those who are unable to properly build a complex sentence.Often these articles come from the pen of those who are just learning how to do the rewriting of texts and the description of the technical and obscure questions.A similar effect can be obtained by expelling the text through a special program called sinonimayzer.So the first advice - do not stick to the precise structure of the source code, to treat it more freely.
  3. permitting meaning you can swap the structural elements of the text.
  4. met vague word, it is necessary to use any search engine.So otreraytit it will be much easier.
  5. should remodel the body section and headline.
  6. after rewriting Article must carry the same information as before.Remarkably, if we can express it in a new way, catching the mood and changing the volume.Rewrite the text does not require writing any of his own thoughts, the introduction of information from sources other than the source code makes work in copyright.
  7. After writing the text, it must be to drive through a special program that computes uniqueness.Verification can be done online and for free.As a rule, in the specifications have requirements on the minimum level of uniqueness.However, the level is less than 95% - is quite shoddy work for which no money will pay.
  8. So, the easiest way to write a good rewrite - is the method of presentation of the school.Just need to work not just with the whole text, and its individual structural elements.
  9. before putting the work you need to re-read it, to correct all grammatical and stylistic errors.If the paper is sent on completion - it is important to understand that it is not satisfied with the customer.The authors scrupulously related to the performance specifications, are in demand in the market.

should not be assumed that the rewriting - work easy and cheap, making copyright, you can earn more.Often, carefully alter the text is much more complicated, and therefore the cost of such work may be higher.

Rewrite the text - it is hard work to bring the source material in a completely unrecognizable appearance.It is necessary to maintain the basic idea of ​​the source, and sometimes even the nature of the presentation.Regarding the latter, it is not a requirement, often rewriting the text produced even more interesting and alive than the source.When writing this type of work you need to forget about their own opinion and reinterpretation of events.Only a clear and unique statement of ready-made information.

no great vocabulary is better to look for a different type of activity, because only competent replacing one word with another, you can write the material that fully meets the requirements of customers.

At the end of the work necessary to define its uniqueness.In most cases, the program immediately detects duplicate contents with other phrases, emphasizing them.These places need to alter the text.To be a hundred percent sure of uniqueness, must use two different programs - analyzers.Errors such helpers are most often associated with power failure or lack of updates.

skilled artisan knows how to do the rewrite any content, including cooking tips and recipes with which to work the hardest.