Effective Fund-time

Planned useful fund of working time - is calculated by the formula the value of active and passive labor during the various operations of the enterprise.In other words, it is planned for the workflow term specifically taken for calendar period, namely the month, quarter or year.Expect him to not only set the required number of workers, but also to identify key indicators of the use of labor resources to a particular company.For units practiced h / h (man-hours) and b / d (days).

In order to determine this amount as the annual fund of working time is needed to build on the calendar stock.On the weekend the number of days in a year, if it involves the operation of the enterprise, reduces the quantity of calendar time, and the result is a standard-issue (normative or nominal) value of working time.But the resulting value can not be fully used to carry out all the work operations.But is such a thing as an effective fund-time turn when the magnitude of the standard-issue time to take away all sickness, vacation and so on.In order to determine the nominal value of the working time of the staff member should be a full calendar of all time take holidays and hours and days.The result will be a period for the performance of labor operations in the established mode.

Fund of working time, abbreviated TPB called planning, is based on the specific balance of time available for the work on the formula shown below:

TRV PSM = x (T-Tprz -So-Tu-Tu-TPATV-TB - TH) - (Tn + T + TCM) (person / hour)

- Th - this calendar days a year;

- TV - a weekend of the year;

- Tprz - a holiday of the year;

- That - is ordinary and additional leave (days);

- TB - days of absenteeism in the workplace (illness, decrees, etc.);

- Tu - a study leave;

- Tr - the time spent on the performance of public and state duties (value determined by a specific enterprise statistically);

- TPA - a no-show, which are permitted by law;

- PSM - is the length of a working shift;

- TCM - a reduction of the working day nursing mothers;

- T - a reduction in working days adolescents;

- Tc - a reduction of working holiday days.

Number Tu, TB, TPA, Tr, TPK, Tn - days off for good reason - they are strictly defined by labor law, based on average data for the past year.


As the long-standing accounting practice about twelve per cent of the indicative production time up temporary losses.Therefore, in order to implement the transition to a rough calculation it is required to apply the factor of 0.88.Keep in mind that the coefficient of 0.88 - a statistically prevailing in the field of production engineering.Therefore, for an enterprise, this figure may vary significantly.