As Dupa things in games?

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Hardly any ambitious game ever go out perfect.In each of them there are drawbacks - bugs, bugs and other little things that can not be identified in the testing phase.And here it is worth noting that these bugs can be both useless and harmful to players and bringing some benefit.In the first case, a character can get stuck in the textures, not to receive the award, which he had to give - well, you just lose something because you met a bug.But there are bugs that can give you a distinct advantage over other users.Naturally, conscientious gamer immediately report that he found a bug, but not all players can call themselves conscientious, so they often use these bugs to get rich.In this article you'll learn about a common bug as DUP understand as Dupa things in some of the larger projects.

What DUP?

Before we talk about how things Dupa in specific games, you need to clarify the situation with the very type of bugs.After all, not everyone knows what a DUP.So sometimes in games it found a bug, because of which the object that the user has available, duplicated, although the idea of ​​the game should not do.Accordingly, the gamer who has discovered a bug that can duplicate the huge number of subjects, earning on this cheloe state.Of course, if the bug is discovered later, the administration and it is determined that you have used it for their own benefit, you may be banned completely, so you should think several times about whether to use you found a bug, or it is better to report it.Next you will see a few examples of how Dupa things in popular games that you understand exactly what is involved.

DUP in "maynkraft"

If you want to learn how things Dupa, the first game to which you should pay attention - this "Maynkraft."It found there was already a huge variety of ways Dupa.Some methods are created by gamers, are written in the form of cheats and distributed in the network, while others have a more classic presentation, ie are common bugs.For example, if you install the rails, and on them - trolley with a funnel, then certain types of servers, you can jump into the trolley with a specific object in his hand, and then go out from the server.When you go back, you will have a copy of the subject.Naturally, there are many more ways in which Dupa things in Minecraft, but this example is enough to get a general idea of ​​the process.

DUP in DayZ

But do not think that the bugs with dyupom found only in "maynkraft."Now you will learn how Dupa things in DayZ - another popular multi-user project.Here you need to kill zombies, and at the same time open his backpack and his inventory.After that carry his thing in his inventory, go to the server and go back to - thing will be dubbed.