How to make toilet "maynkraft" and that it needs?

every gamer who has spent even a little time "maynkraft" understands that the meaning of this game is not only to create useful objects, which you can then use somehow.For example, when you are setting up your own home, almost none of the things you do not need, as sleeping on the bed, you can not, do not turn on the TV, and a bookshelf to take the book will fail.The same goes for the toilet - you can install it, but your character does not have to go to the toilet, accordingly, it will only decoration which serves to transfer home a more realistic atmosphere.However, in any case, you need to know how to make a toilet in "maynkraft" if you plan to add this element to your interior.

Setting tank

So, if you want to learn how to make a toilet in "maynkraft", you first need to reflect on the tank which will stand next to the wall.Here you can show a creative approach - all you need is two blocks any material.Install them on each other, and from the top or the side of the upper block, attach the pressure plate, which will simulate the flush button.You can use stone, wood or any other material which is available in the game - you can even create incredibly complex in the production of obsidian toilet.Or incredibly expensive emerald - here you will not be restrictions.However, the tank - it's not a toilet.So you need to move on to the next stage of learning how to make a toilet in "maynkraft."


Everyone who thinks about the question of how to make a toilet in "maynkraft" understands that the most important thing here - is the creation of a toilet bowl, or rather its main part.Nobody forbids you to use the inspiration and at this stage, but it is recommended to follow these guidelines to get the most realistic results.So, first you need to be crafted boiler - it can be made of iron bars, so there is nothing complicated about it will not.Moreover, your toilet will be pretty cheap, so it is available for absolutely every gamer.The second step you need to fill the pot with water, so that when you look inside one could understand that it is full.Well, the last step - installation of a boiler in front of your improvised tank.Now almost everything is ready, it remains only to apply the finishing touches, and you totally know how to build a toilet in "Maynkraft."

toilet lid

How to make "maynkraft 'toilet, you know, and you can use this method right now.But still something to your toilet bowl is not enough - it's cover.Instead, you can use the hatch, which is ideally placed in the pot filled with water.Thus it is opened and closed without any problems and the process is more than realistic.It should be noted that the lid of the toilet and you can also do from different materials - like wood and iron.In general, you can give her any kind of toilet, and while it will seem quite realistic.