Plug-in what is a miracle?

How often each user PC is not enough, any of the components, the presence of which would make him the favorite and most desired program almost perfect?Probably in most cases.After all, software developers can not provide for every moment of operating their own decisions and take into account all the requirements, which may have multiple end users.For example, in most Internet browsers is not a number of opportunities, so as to give up the use of funds for viewing Web pages?Of course not!To help ordinary users such decisions come as a plug-in that this component, we try to figure below.

plugin that is a concept that many people ask, makes the first steps in mastering the intricacies of the use of applications that address a wide range of tasks.Plug-what is the word?This term means that the possibilities of the program, originally missing in the package, still can be realized.At its core plugins are additions that are being introduced into the body of the program and become an integral part of it.Plug-i

ns add-ons can enhance the functionality of the most popular applications, so using them helps users to combine solutions to the set of seemingly unrelated to each other tasks in one program.

Technically speaking plug explain what you can.The plugin is independently compiled program modules that are inherent in the ability to dynamically connect to the main program.In general, the purpose of this module is to extend and / or use all the features of the application.The most common plug-ins are in the form of shared libraries.

main application provides services used supplement.These services are available in various capacities - the ability to plug-in to register itself in the expanding application protocol that allows plug-ins to communicate with each other, as well as some other components.Plugin inherent dependence on the services that are provided by the main program and in almost all cases, they can not be used separately from the application for which they were created.Core applications, as opposed to supplements, inherent ability to freely operate plug-in that makes it possible to provide end users with the ability to add, delete, and update dynamically a supplement, while not exposing the main application any changes.

As an example of an application that are available plug-ins may be a graphics editor.Most often these applications are available for a variety of filters, which are inherently plugins.Suffice widespread is when a plug-in provides support for certain file formats.For example, this situation often occurs in popular players multimedia files, office suite, as well as the applications used for processing sound and graphics.Audio processing also requires the use of plug-ins - with their help is processing and creation of sound effects and a variety of additional features, for example, mastering the use of the EQ and dynamic range compression.Some plugins inherent ability to change the technical specifications of tracks submitted depth, sampling rate, and many others.Especially popular among Internet users enjoy the protection plugin for your browser, which allows to protect your PC from the aggressive environment of the Global Network.

on this list of the functions that acquire the program after the installation of plug-ins, of course, does not end there - every developer is trying to bring to your application something new, and third-party programmers enthusiasts unusually highly susceptible desire to expand its capabilities and adjust them "for themselves".