The threat - what is this?

threat - it is a possible danger.As you know, this notion among people is quite common: someone threatens a person on the Internet, in person, by letter, and so on. D. Is there any punishment for life-threatening?Most people mistakenly assume that the responsibility for the intention of causing physical and material harm to another person, they will not suffer.But this is just speculation, because in fact, the threat can be in court.

meaning of the word "threat"

threat is a possible danger, causing harm, intent to cause physical harm, and so on. D. This concept can be interpreted in different ways, but the essence will not change.

Threat considered written or expressed intention to threaten to cause physical harm to private and public interests.Very often you can see the threat of the Internet.It happens that the sides can not come to a common decision and to any compromise, and then one of them starts to threaten the other.

Probably few who take into account the fact that the threat - it is a criminal offense for which the offender must be punished.

endanger the person

In the Criminal Code there is an article that explains in detail what can be considered a threat, and the punishment for it is obliged to bear the person who threatened the life and health of another person.Article 119 states that a threat to life may be expressed in different forms:

• Orally.

• writing.

• gunpoint.

• Threat gestures.

threat - it is the intention to deprive of life or harm the health of another person.This act is a crime.

There are several conditions under which it will be necessary for the threat to be punished:

• The reality of the threat.This means that the victim must have a good reason to say to the accused in court.That is, the first should be reason to fear the threat.For example, if you were threatening objects, which were used as a weapon (knife, ax and so on. D.).

• The threat includes promises and intentions of threatening to cause serious harm to the individual and his health.

should be noted that the threat can be unvoiced if the actions of the accused left no doubt about his intentions.For example, if you threaten not say a word, but directs the barrel of firearms on the victim.Such actions are called criminals, and they accused should be punished.

punishment for threatening

threat - it is a criminal offense, punishable:

• Mandatory community service for up to 480 hours.

• Restriction of freedom for up to 2 years.

• Imprisonment for a term of 2 years.

• Forced labor for up to 2 years.

• The arrest of up to 6 months.

If the intention to deprive of life or harm to another person complies with the conditions under which it will be called a threat, it will provide one of the penalties listed above.

If the act was committed by a member of an organized group, is punishable by imprisonment from three to five years.

threat of violence as a mental

threat represents mental violence against another person.During the commission of the act the victim is afraid because he is deprived of rest and it constantly pursues a risk.As a result, a person can not normally live and work because in constant fear.

threat is considered complete as soon as it was brought to the attention of the victim.

should be noted that the threat to life reminds attempted murder, but these actions are different from each other purpose.The intention of causing physical injury can be interpreted as a desire to scare the victim.While attempted murder carries for the sole purpose to deprive a person of life.

Threats RF

We all know that many countries are now experiencing a crisis.It should be noted that the threat to Russia from the United States does not stop.President insists that the country will cope with all the difficulties and challenges.

must remember that the threat of the offender must be punished.This act is considered to be psychological violence against the person.Always supervise your emotions and speech in order not to be in place of the defendant.It is necessary to live in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and not to violate them.