Stones to attract love

Stones influence on the sphere of love relationships and our perception of ourselves in them related to energy Yin.In the East, it is believed that she is a female.Energy Yin promotes qualities such as softness, sensitivity, receptivity.Because of its influence are improving relationships between people, smoothed contradictions.Women wearing stones saturated Yin energy, feel more confident in their appeal.

If we talk about poetry, love the objectives of attracting and enhancing the attractiveness corresponds to water.It is the element of emotion, tenderness and sensuality.Other stones, which we describe below, include the impact of fire.In matters relating to the relationship, adds fire of passion and determination.The fire more than other elements associated with the instinctive sexuality.Sensuality Water softer aimed rather at the close emotional connection with your partner than to satisfy the carnal desires.

Rose Quartz

In modern esoteric rose quartz is considered a universal talisman of love.It is said that all quartz known for their ability to adapt quickly to the power of the host.Rose quartz is saturated with energy Yin, so it is recommended for women.It affects both the character of its owner, and the surrounding reality around her.This mineral enhances the feminine charm helps her mistress find typical feminine qualities.His mistress is becoming more sociable and tolerant to others, and this is starting to have a beneficial effect on its relations with the opposite sex.

Rose quartz is able to attract into your life people capable of true tenderness and care about you.It is a stone of true love, and it does not tolerate selfish motives of the owner.It is also worth noting that the rose quartz is not designed to search for any noncommittal sexual adventures.


Mineral dedicated to Venus, the great goddess of love and beauty.He helps a woman feel like a queen: irresistible and confident, surrounded by numerous fans.This mineral is suitable for those who suffer from insecurity about their appearance.Malachite helps to reveal the sense of beauty and style that leads to positive changes in the appearance of his mistress.In the old days it was called peacock stone malachite.And like this bright bird, its owner wants to emphasize the beauty in any situation.

Malachite teaches the art of flirting, and also helps to find a generous fans.Due to its influence women have been able to charm almost any man.It contributes to the development of eloquence, a talisman in the form of malachite can convince anyone of anything, considered ancient.Malachite is also suitable for the stronger sex as a love talisman.


hard to imagine a stone more closely associated with the element of water than pearls.This mineral is considered sacred in many civilizations.And in ancient Greece was considered a symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek counterpart of the Roman goddess Venus.Pearl promises happiness in love and is considered to be the mascot of a successful marriage.This mineral is suitable for those girls who want to see boyfriends, especially a potential husband and father of their children.Pearl attract a woman's life is in such men.Not in vain for centuries pearls adorned wedding dress brides.

Emotionally pearls gives poise and noble mind.Its owner feels more secure, respectively, is ready to open to men.Pearls helps people believe in themselves, are constantly prone to act out the role of the latter in the presence of shade and a bright personalities.

Pearl - Stone female homemaker, good housewives and mothers.Therefore, those of the fair sex, who want to develop these qualities, should look at this mineral.Wearing pearls is not recommended for men.


This gem combines the influence of the elements of Water and Fire.It emphasizes the link of marine origin of this mineral with emotions, and bright red color indicates the passionate fiery nature.This mineral is suitable for those who are looking for stormy love affairs and appreciates hot temper partner.He incites sexual temperament in both sexes.

Coral dismisses systems and terminals associated with sensuality.Wearing coral person feels liberated and no longer ashamed of their desires.Coral dismisses the false modesty with respect to its own image.If you've always wanted to try a more frank and vivid style, but are not in themselves resolve, coral suit you.

Like all minerals having the nature of Fire coral is able to rapidly change the life of its possessor.With it, you will find a lot of new friends in a very short time.And some of them may well be the beginning of a passionate affair.

Tourmaline This stone has a strong impact on the love affairs.Experts recommend using lithotherapy tourmaline rich scarlet.Red tourmaline is considered a male stone, which enhances sexual desire and emphasizes masculinity of the owner.But tourmaline suits and women, particularly those who have passionate character.

This mineral is also considered a stone of fidelity, so it can be used to revitalize the senses tempered pair.For this purpose, the red tourmaline previously placed under the pillow in the marital bedroom.Tourmaline - a stone that protects family values, but it does not diminish sexual desire.If you want to see in your life stable and at the same time passionate relationship, this mineral will help you realize your desire.

How to wear stones for love and attraction?

all minerals can attract love, best worn as pendants or necklaces.It is desirable to use a long chain or thread to the selected minerals are in contact with the heart chakra, Anahata.In the East, it is believed that this energy center is responsible for feelings of love, tenderness and sympathy.Therefore, mineral, located close to this energy center, operates more efficiently and quickly.

Those stones which should enhance the attractiveness, as well worn as a ring.Ring true with selected mineral helps to find a special influence on the people around them and bring them delight.

If for whatever reason you can not wear a stone in the form of jewelry, it can be stored in a small compartment bags, wallet, etc.The main thing that beside him there was no foreign objects, but can make an exception cosmetics, perfume, everything closely interacts with the body.You can even "recharge" is often used mineral makeup.To do this, leave the stone next to her for a few nights.

If the main goal - to attract love, regular meditation will be useful to the chosen stone.To do this, put it on his chest near the heart and visualize their desires, the future elect.But do not dream in detail, down to the smallest details, such as his hair color.

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