Creating a database MySQL - any component of the Site

to create your site, you must understand what the data base.If you have a minor in terms of Internet resource (a few pages), then it is quite easy to manage.And there is no need to create a database.But if the project nestatichen and evolving every day, filled with more and more content, the latter condition is mandatory.In order to organize and structure the information, do not store it in the hundreds, and perhaps thousands of files and save time on requests, and for all that there is such a need, as the creation of a database MySQL.

essence of the subject

What does it represent?This set of tables that are interconnected by a sign.That is, one table contains all the information (email address, username, and others.) On the registered user on the site, but his comments, or some laid their content will be placed in another.Or another example: you collect postcards.For ordering information they need to create a certain number of tables for you and bring it, thereby systematizing.This is the database MySQL.

database management system

Such a system is not static.Creating a MySQL database requires constant development, precise adjustment, occupancy tables.To work with them was not chaotic and organized, create a system that takes over the control functions.Such systems today are quite a few, but the most common is the database MySQL.

leader among DBMSs

high speed in the work, no doubt, was the advantage of this system over analogues.Creating a MySQL database requires reliable, accurate information processing.Not the least advantage could be called free distribution system.The code for this software is open.It is this quality MySQL database creation of this control system makes popular among webmasters.

Working with database

For example, the popularity of such a fact can lead.A well-known engine WordPress (millions of blogs are working on it) also works with the management system MySQL.And whether it is installed on a local server or external hosting, updating the information in the database is quite elementary.Control files accessible open programs.If the creation of a MySQL database on the local server (your home computer) and then transfer to the hosting is a necessity, then these manipulations do not cause difficulties even for a novice in these matters.Export all tables as simple as the subsequent import to the newly created database on a hosting.


foregoing paragraph, of course, refers to the already formed database.But to be able to create your own base just need someone who decided to write and create websites.MySQL will facilitate this task.To understand the algorithm, the sequence of this work is still necessary.New webmaster must master the art of creating tables, loading data into them, and retrieve information from there is still some tricks.