How to beat the child's room

Everyone should have personal space.Our children are no exception.Moreover, the needs of the younger generation is much larger than us adults.The child should be a workplace furnished accordingly, the space for games, comfortable bed.

Parents often ask the question: "How to furnish a child's room right?".Reply uniquely in this case is impossible, because the design is very individual child.Guided by the need to hobbies kid, his temperament and character.There is no doubt important and safety aspects.

There are only general guidelines on how to beat the child's room.When buying furniture, do not forget that kids grow up fast.Therefore it is best if it is easily adjusted in height and width.

In the room a child should be equipped with its own storage system to the baby from an early age learned to keep order.If the size of the room does not allow to place it in the cabinet, let it be a drawer or shelf for toys.

room-transformer - ideal for the baby and for a teenager.Furniture, which is easy to change the appearance and functionality, is suitable for this purpose perfectly.It may be lower open shelves that serve as both seating and storage, open shelves.Perfectly fits into the interior of a child's room chair or ottoman bag.

happens that the question of "how to arrange the room of the child" parents decide on the principle for his child does not regret.But this little master flagged for guest's own festival.He is strictly forbidden to ride on the couch or playing on the carpet.About to paint on the wallpaper, and can be no question.

Expensive furniture, renovation, beautiful carpet ... all this estimate we adults.Little People do not need it.For him the main thing is that the room was cozy, warm and could get up to mischief.

Moreover, the simple paper wallpaper are more environmentally friendly than a trendy vinyl.However, the drawings on the walls, even in this case the parents are unlikely to please.But here you can find a way out.Buy a roll of cheap wallpaper, twist them, and fasten the back of the wall in the manner of toilet paper.Cover the middle of the floor covering, which is easy to clean, so that the child could play on the floor.

If you grow up in a family with two children and a room for them only one of its design would have to smash his head.The difficulty is that you need to place a couple of beds and jobs.And most importantly - a children's room for two kids is sure to be zoned.Every child needs a separate space, which will be considered as his personal and inviolable.

way, psychologists also welcome and bunk beds, we strongly recommend to replace them on the bed type "attic".

If the child for two children size is not too large, try to use any part of the space.For example, combining the countertop desktop and window sill, you can save a few tens of centimeters.Do not forget the corners and the space above the door - you can place your shelves for toys, clothes and books.

Each child laid outstanding creativity.Therefore, the younger schoolboy already quite possible to involve the creation of a design project.

In a conversation about how to furnish a room for the baby, it is impossible not to mention the safety rules of the home.Protect sockets, wire mask, remove anything that might break, pinch or somehow hurt.Furniture is better to choose with no sharp angles, a suitable height.Today on sale there are special systems that protect against tipping, locking devices for cabinets.To be sure of their child, parents should provide much in the regeneration of the nursery.

We hope that our recommendations on "how to arrange the room for the baby" will be useful to readers.We wish you every success in the field of design!