How to reach Anapa train?

Anapa - is one of the most popular and famous resort cities of Krasnodar region.Due to the climatic conditions of the region and the development of tourism infrastructure, you can relax here all year round.Of course, on New Year's swim in the sea does not work, but do not forget about the numerous sanatoriums and rest homes.In the popular tourist questions "How to get to Anapa train?"Today we will give the answer.

Departure from the railway stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg

By train from Moscow to Anapa distance of 1600-1900 kilometers.This significant variation is explained by the fact that there are a number of existing routes.Of course, all guests care how much to go by train from Moscow to Anapa.Minimum travel time - 1 day and 4 hours.Try to advance to figure out what to do in a long journey.A lot of tourists come to the Krasnodar Territory and from the Northern Capital.From St. Petersburg to Anapa away by train - about 2500 km.Accordingly, the travel time will be about 2 days, the minimum duration of the trip - 1 day 20 hours.The route Anapa-Petersburg train overcomes in such a short time, given the parking at the stations.This area caters to a large number of modern, comfortable cars with air conditioning, toilets and comfortable seats for passengers.

Trains from Nizhny Novgorod to Anapa

not from all the cities of our country to Anapa trains.In the summer season the residents of Nizhny Novgorod can go to the Black Sea on a passing train "Kirov-Anapa".Approximate travel time - about 2 hours.From Nizhny Novgorod trains to Novorossiysk.You can also purchase tickets for a passing train "Vorkuta-Adler", which makes a stop in Nizhny Novgorod and Novorossiysk.

As you can see, to get to Anapa train is not difficult.From the city of Novorossiysk to go long-distance buses and taxis.Travel time will be approximately 1 hour.

Now you know how to get from Nizhny Novgorod to Anapa train.Warning: more profitable to buy a ticket to the station Tunnel, rather than to Novorossiisk.From this platform closer to Anapa.

nearest railway platforms Anapa

Inside the resort town there is the train station.It is believed that the station Specially made for the sake of peace beyond Anapa tourists.The next platform is located in the village of Upper Dzhemete.People come here to train from 250 cities of our country.If for some reason to get tickets for a specific date you can not, try to book a seat on the train to the train / railway station Tunnel.From her to Anapa another 35 kilometers, but there regularly goes public transportation, you can take a taxi.Do not be afraid of possible difficulties - this route each year goes a huge number of tourists.No problems with luggage - at the train station there are always porters, and all modes of transport, next to Anapa, fitted luggage compartment.If you think that Anapa train to get long, try to consider other options.Go on vacation, you can also bus or plane.Some vacationers prefer to do and go on vacation by car.

Ā«Smart StationĀ»

Anapa Train Station is located 6 kilometers from the city, in the village of Upper Dzhemete.Note: This is a dead-end transport terminal, which works only in the holiday season.In winter, access to Anapa, you can train at the Novorossiysk branch - Station Tunnel.Today, the station in the Upper Dzhemete - a modern two-storey complex.On its territory there are recreational areas, cafeterias and shops.This terminal has been included in the draft Railways "Smart Station."This means that it uses all the advanced life support systems and safety.It has central control station, and here modern technologies to save energy - solar panels, LED lighting.Besides the standard waiting rooms and recreation rooms for passengers in the territory are comfortable.Please all travelers station Anapa and its southern flavor.Here you will meet the porters, taxi drivers and locals who give shelter.In this life at the station never stops for a moment at any time of the day.

Useful advice to tourists

Passenger trains are composed of two types of cars: accommodation seats and compartments.In the first case, the way all passengers are located in a common space without any partitions.Sleeping car more comfortable, it is divided into "rooms", each of which housed 4 people.Of course, tickets to the second type are significantly more expensive.But it's incredibly convenient.For example, if you go on vacation with your family or company, you can purchase tickets in one compartment and all the way to enjoy the company of those closest to you.