This shopping, baby!

My neighbor on the left loves his wife, but does not like shopping.Therefore, in the critical days: March 8, birthday or VDV (the neighbor with the sons of former paratroopers) gives certain amount of money to his wife and says, "Honey, buy yourself whatever you want, and consider it a gift from me!"

a neighbor Marina such a constructive position of her husband quite happy.And I was not surprised when a beautiful August morning (right after the Day of Airborne), the phone rang, and Marina invited me "poshopitsya from the heart."

.... This brand store lured us inside his brilliant incredible discounts of 50-70%.

Marina immediately pulled out a pile of rags hung pretty platishko.

... and we went to the dressing .. But as usually happens with blond, neighbor himself underestimated.The dress had to take one size larger.

- until you remove nepodoshedshee dress, Marina, and I'll get another - I suggested.No sooner said than done.

- Oh, you're in luck!Only two of these cards, it is the last one!- Smiled the girl-seller.

I returned to the dressing room and slipped the dress over the curtain booths.After a few seconds because of the blinds quite another booth looked Marina:

- Lana, and where the dress?

- my God!I gave him the wrong way!

At this point blind "kidnapped dress" stall opened, and before us is a very pretty girl, "Marinin" dress.

- Oh!You are talking!You look like Barbie!But size is clearly not yours!- Commented a neighbor.

Immediately ran well trained staff with the necessary size.

Girl Barbie dressed quickly and started to spin in front of a mirror.

- Excellent!That's it! - Praised Marina and reached out for "their" dress.

- Schaz!-proshipela Barbie - I'll take two!To some plucked chicken wore the same dress as me!

all dumbfounded ... A girl crumpled "Marinino" dress and tucked into her purse.

- Girl, you can not behave ... It's ugly in me ...- spoke teacher.

- And Che?I orange Che about my behavior bydloidki think!

be honest, with the frank rudeness we first met Marina ...

- Lana, do you think, all this nedovospitanie - heavy poor childhood with an alcoholic father and a mother-hysterical?- I sighed neighbor.

- Judging by the number of gold-diamonds on the body, no!Novorussky new Russian mom and dad ...

- Che you my dad?Bring down out of here until he was called!He's here all uroet ...- went on high-rise construction obscene speech ...

tried to extinguish the conflict manager ... He was sent far away and long ...

- It's time to finish this! - Marina stepped out of thedressing ... but I slipped on the shiny floor and began to fall directly on her.That, to avoid a collision, pulled back into the booth fitting, caught on the hanger, there was a crack - from the dress came off the back of the sleeve and ... Barbie waved her hands and grabbed her purse hanging on a hook.The handle was broken and a handbag was sick all the contents on the floor ... In the dressing scattered fragments of perfume set, a mirror, and the phone ...

I deftly picked up from the floor dropped out first zlopuchnoe dress ...

Marina instantly gained his balance and draggedI have to leave ...

- Bitches!Bitch!B ... and!- Screamed Barbie.-Give Dress ... your mother!

And then the neighbor could not resist:

- IT shopping, baby!- She said aloud to the entire fitting, turning to Barbie.- But you turned him into a war!And in war as in war!All

visited happened in the dressing room, laughed ...


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