How to configure the "Skype" on your PC, laptop, tablet

wonder that in recent years, so clearly expressed by popularity acquire all sorts of programs for video conferencing over the Internet.After all, not for nothing known adage states that you have to see with your own eyes rather than hear about it or read.Skype is perfectly meets the requirements of today's users.

Since customize "Skype" on your computer to become available to you all the benefits of this wonderful program?The answer to this question will be our article.

install the program, you can easily and for free will chat with friends from different countries.In addition, through this application you can transfer a variety of files, so that even the need for e-mail, many may even fall.So how to set up "Skype" on the laptop can even child start using the program, you can almost immediately.

Note that many today are turning to the master classes, which some users for free is carried out on the network "Skype".So, you will be able to learn a foreign language, master the art of embroidery and crochet, as well as learn all the intricacies of weaving of original products from beads.Do not miss the many wonderful chance for your self!

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First you need to go to the home page of Microsoft, and then find there is a link to download the online installer application.Before you connect the "Skype" on your computer, make sure an Internet connection.If the speed bad, the online installer simply would not be able to download the installation package.

immediately warned that require advance purchase web camera and microphone.If you have a laptop or tablet, and do not need anything at all, as all the necessary equipment, as a rule, is already available in their design.It should be noted that it is necessary to buy only new models of webcams since the modern version of "Skype" is often simply can not recognize the old equipment.

continue to understand how to configure the "Skype" on your computer.

install applications

Run the installation file.In the first window that appears, check the box "I agree with all the terms of the license agreement."After this, thank you for choosing the program, then you can proceed with the installation.

In particular, the right to select the directory in which it is installed.In addition, if necessary, check the box "Run at startup".All checked?Then click "Install" button, after which the self-installer downloaded from the company's servers all missing files.So how to connect "Skype" on your computer at a low speed connections can be difficult, in which case please be patient: the file can be downloaded for a long time.

easiest users of the new OS Microsoft.Before you configure the "Skype┬╗, Windows 8 needs to be updated, and then go to the "Store".Type in the search word Skype, then the system itself will find the program you want.Click "Install" and the utility will be installed in your system.

New User Registration

Once finished with the installation, a window initial setup.It should come up with a login and password, and then enter the credentials in the appropriate fields.It will also have to accept the terms of a confidentiality agreement, noting the next checkbox.

continue to learn how to configure the "Skype" on your computer.A new dialog box in which the user must enter a valid email address and select a country and a city in which is located.Enter only your real mailbox, which currently use: if something happens with your password, you can always get new mail.

All!Go to the login page, enter your login and password, click on the press Enter.How to configure "Skype" on a computer when it comes to sound control options?

Set microphone

first look at the entrance, where the speakers are connected.There should be three jacks.Headphones connect the green connector and the microphone using pink.Do not be confused, as otherwise you will not be able to communicate with their friends, and they will hear hardly!

Once again: to set up "Skype" on the laptop to connect any microphone is not necessary, because it is already there.As a rule, it is in the lower left corner, under the keyboard (small aperture).

How to check the correctness of connection?

first click on the "Start" button, we find there the "Control Panel."In the menu that we are interested in the item "Sounds and Audio Devices."Go to the Open dialog box, and then open the tab "Speech."There is a large and highly visible button "Volume", on which the press.Move the slider to the volume level to the highest position.Do you hear anything in the headphones?If so, they are connected correctly.

Here's how to configure the "Skype" on your computer.The sound on the microphone check a little differently.

switch back to the "Sounds and Audio Devices", find the point where the "Volume".A dialog box appears in which you want to activate the section "Properties."You see a stylized image of the microphone?Select the checkbox next to this picture.Now try to say something into the microphone: If everything is connected correctly, you will immediately see the strip to increase the volume and hear his voice in the headphones.

How to configure video options?

How to set up "Skype" on a computer when it comes to properly calibrate the video?

proceed along the path of "Tools / Video" in the main window.A dialog box in which you choose your model webcam from the dropdown list.This opens a new menu where you can choose from whom you will be taking video and whom you yourself become visible (we recommend to note "Only in your contact list").

How to set up "Skype" on the tablet?Nothing could be simpler: Since the microphone and the camera is already there, and all options are unified with the "big" version, the process is no different from that described above.

How to start with someone in touch?

At the bottom of the page to any of your contact is a field in which you can write a message.Once you finish entering, press the button on the keyboard Enter, and then the recipient immediately receives your message.

If you want to send the other party any file, click the "+", and then open the "Explorer".It is necessary to specify the file you want to send.Double-click on it with the left mouse button, and then begin sending.When the user confirms the shipment, he immediately receive your file.

How to add a new contact in your address book?

In the main window there is a big button "Add Contact."Click on it, and then opens a dialog box in which you can enter all the necessary information about your new interlocutor.In the fields you need to specify the email address and / or login user Skype.

Yes, if your friend is not installed "Skype" for the computer, and then talk you do not get.

make and receive calls in Skype

If you want you can call not only the users of the application and all of your friends who have a cell phone should be a small fee to buy the usual number, which will be valid in the networks oftelephone operators throughout the world.He saved you forever, it does not depend on the change of country of residence.

To call someone a contact, select it in the list, select the left mouse button, and then click the green button with a stylized image of the handset.Reset a call by clicking on the red button.If you have ever in my life using a cell phone, the problem with all of this you just do not arise.Of course, for full communion, you and your partner should both be in the network.

additional functionality of the program Skype

Besides all of the above, you can use the option "Voice mail", and view the call log.By the way, all conversations can be recorded, and additional plug-ins to help you when you need to completely change your voice.In addition, the latest version of "Skype" an opportunity to add contacts from the social network Facebook.

Here's how to set up "Skype" on your computer and other devices.Good luck and lots of fun!