Rewriter - who is?

Technological change dramatically changing the face of our planet.Think about a few hundred years ago the world was a huge number of horses.Today it is reduced by several times, because the main means of transport has become a mechanical transport, land or air.With the expansion of human activity appear and new professions, the word service.Today we talk about who the reraytery and copywriters.So, let's begin.

Causes new profession

Today there are still people who have not even heard the word "rewriter".Who is this person, what he does and where his workplace?Let's start with the fact that the user is the World Wide Web almost every inhabitant of the Earth.Clicking on links from site to site, we find interesting articles, reviews, recommendations.In most cases, an author and a rewriter (copywriter).Each virtual store today has to have a good site with lots of information.She fills the page and hardworking and creative people.The spread of the Internet and the movement of the lion's share of trade in the network has given rise to the demand for textual material, and with it the services of copywriters.

Copywriter, rewriter - who is?

To understand the difference, it is necessary to clarify that the members of these professions do.So, copywriter - a man who creates a new text based on multiple sources.He analyzes them, find the main idea, summarizing.It's a tough job, and it is often paid quite high.However, not every site in the economic crisis can afford services of a good author.So to save the owners of the page refer to the representative of a slightly different profession.

rewriter - who is?This is someone who, based on the finished article makes a new one, retaining the essence of the text and its meaning.However, the appearance of both texts differ, although the information in them is filed the same.We can say, is a creative retelling of the familiar from the school.Services rewriter paid much lower, because the work is easier and does not require a search of a large number of sources.

Features profession

So we understand the term "rewriter" Who is this man.It may at first glance seem like very simple.Remade prepared text - and win money.However, as in any other profession, there are some nuances.Firstly, this work at home without supervision chief.We must have the strength of will and perseverance to carry out voluntary front of a computer for hours on end.Since the chief is not (that is, it exists - the customer, but with him you Think only in the network), you need to have a good self-discipline to do everything on time and deliver the order.Otherwise, the money you can not see.Secondly, you need to personally monitor the quality of their work, poor performers because no one wants to give their orders.Yes, and the growth of wages, however.

If you have the desire to learn a new profession, then be prepared to learn, to master the vast amounts of information, to work on the bugs.After rewritten from the original text shall be competent both stylistically and grammatically.Hack will not pass, because just like no one pays.

How to become a rewriter (copywriter)?

often rewriting and copywriting go together, and man, having mastered a profession, he immediately begins to learn another.However, we start from the beginning and talk about how to become a rewriter.

rewriter work at home requires little or no capital investment.You will need a computer or laptop and internet access.Orders can be found on the resources devoted to the search for work, and the specialized markets.It should be noted that these exchanges there are so many, and they all have their own specifics.Optimally choose a portal where practiced deferred payment (secure transaction, which protects from fraud and artist and the customer).

money for services often are paid by electronic means (Webmoney, Yandex-money, kiwi-purse), so you'll need to have a virtual wallet to bring salaries.Although one can often find customers who pay directly to the bank card.

These simple recommendations will help to learn a new profession and gain an alternative source of income.