Files with the extension «* .dxf»: you open and how to edit them?

Often, when working with the project documentation found files with the extension «* .dxf».How to open?How to edit?That is not an exhaustive list of questions that novice designers in the PC.It turns out, nothing complicated for the file type is not hidden.Many modern CAD systems without problems allow them to open and edit.The most popular of them - AutoCAD, «Compass», OpenOffice Draw and SolidWorks.But not always need to edit drawings.In such cases, the viewer is indispensable.One of the most popular to date products - eDrawings Viewer.It will also be a section devoted to the part of this material.


Now find out how to view the easiest file with the extension «* .dxf».The open them for this operation.The answer is simple - eDrawings Viewer.It is free and has a minimum set of functions.But that is enough to specialists of the construction company can work with documents in electronic format and output it to the printer.It can only make a small mark, drawing review and, if necessary, print it.Today eDrawings Viewer runs on a PC running Windows or MacOS.

main editor

Then deal with those which create and edit documents like «* .dxf».The open them for this?Professionals for these purposes AutoCAD and SolidWorks.In terms of the functionality of the products are identical.Therefore, the choice between them depends on the personal preferences of the designer.Any of them can be used at the main editor of the foreign developers.Minus them that they are paid.Domestic designers prefer to use a system of "Compass" from "Ascon".It has been optimized to Russian standards and the menu she Russified.This allows you to use all the opportunities offered by the format of «* .dxf».The open its domestic experts?The answer is simple - it is a CAD "Compass."For starters, you can work in a cropped demo.But its functionality is sufficient to perform basic operations.If there is a need for more, you have to buy the official version.An added bonus in this case is the official support.You can call the service center and to consult on any question interesting you.

cross-platform software

main disadvantage of all the products that are described in the previous paragraph - is binding to one or two operating systems.And if you need to edit the drawing on Linux, which extension «* .dxf»?The open it in such a case?While this can handle only OpenOffice Draw.This is an advantage distinguishes it from the competition.It not only works on Linux and Windows and, on MacOS.But while this application is not received wide distribution.


As part of this material have been described basic applications that support electronic drawings in a format «* .dxf» How to open?Where to edit?What view?That is not a complete list of the issues raised.To view the recommended use eDrawings Viewer.But designers will like "Compass."Slightly worse things in this respect, AutoCAD and SolidWorks.They are not adapted to domestic standards.But those who work with Linux, are forced to use OpenOffice Draw.