Humorous skits on March 8 at the school.

March 8 - is a unique light holiday, when all around congratulating beautiful women, girls, girls.At the same congratulations and even a "laudatory odes" raining that day in abundance.Women congratulating everywhere: at work, at the store, beauty salon and other places.Particular attention is given holiday pay, and school teachers.At this time the hosts themed mornings and evenings.How to organize and run comic skits on March 8 at the school?

Scene 1: "Do not forget about mom»

One of the most simple and instructive game is considered to be a scene of performances "Do not forget my mother."Take part in it may be up to eight people.Starring: father, mother and two sons.For the scenes you need to recreate the kitchen.Therefore, from the decorations you need:

  • 4 chairs;
  • table;
  • imaginary window with curtains and flowers in a pot;
  • several pans, plates and cutlery;
  • artificial or fresh flowers.

script scenes and plot

According to the scenario of mini-scenes on March 8 in the family are going to the father, mother and two sons.The action takes place on International Women's Day.First, there is the mother.It is a former primary school teacher, which is worn around the kitchen, cooks, cleans, and at the same time setting the table.She keeps glancing at his watch.The kitchen includes a dad.He sits down at the table.This is followed by two sons.Also, sit down.Mother puts everyone at ease.

Simulates that something spills out of the pot on the plates.During the meal, the two brothers enthusiastically talk about how tomorrow will greet their classmates and teachers on March 8.Connects dad who needs to choose a gift for his boss.Mother listens and gives useful advice.After the meal, everyone gets up from the table and run.A woman cleans the dishes in silence, wears an apron, rubber gloves and began to wash.

Gifts for Women hands mothers

Next on the mini-scenes story on March 8 rushes into the room one of the boys, my mother pulls from washing and seats at the table.He asks his mother to assist in the production of cards for loved the class teacher.Mother throws everything and helps him.He runs away, happily bouncing.It runs in the second - and again distracts the mother from washing dishes.He, too, need help.

Mom helps make it beautiful crafts for your favorite English teacher.The child runs away.Third comes the pope, who brings a catalog of gifts and offers his wife to assist him in choosing a gift for your boss.Then, all three males are worn around the room in search of white ironed shirts.Mom gives all three of his shirt and dad helps to tie a tie.After all the preparations for the feast are over, according to the sketches for school "March 8", three men removed.Mom left alone.She finally domyvaet dishes and sits on a chair.Curtain.

«Do not forget about mom": Act II

In the second act, and the children's father returned home.All four of them meet again at the table.Perching.Mother puts them food.Evening.They are inspired by the talk about how wonderful congratulated their classmates, teachers, and colleagues.My mother listens and sighs.Suddenly the door bell rings.A woman comes to the door.Behind it are the children of elementary grades.

They pulled the mother flowers, candy and greeting read poems.The noise out sons and father.They see this picture and realize that in the March 8 they were able to congratulate all women except his wife and mother.All three quietly take on the jacket and quietly leave the room.However, in this funny skits on March 8 did not end there.To be continued ...

A few minutes later, they returned with a huge bouquet of roses.Each of them is suitable for a mother hands on twigs and mimosa bouquet.To kiss and congratulate.Then they unfold facing the audience.At this point, the author says that we should not forget that the mother is also a woman.He concluded his speech with congratulations to all mothers, teachers, and the ladies present.

Scene 2: "The magic of the bottle»

Another scenario is a variation of an idea called "The magic of the bottle."Action scenes March 8 for children in the normal court, therefore, from the scenery you'll need a big shop, lamppost and ornamental foliage.

In the story, the boy comes down the street.He whistles and football empty tin can.Suddenly he sees the following picture: the old man sits on a bench with a briefcase and a newspaper.Then he gets up and walks away, leaving the case.Boy fit and opens it.Because he has a gin.

He tells that perform any three wishes.The boy, in turn, tells the wizard that today, March 8, and he does not know how to congratulate their classmates, teachers and mothers.Jin promises to help.

actions in scenes 2: "The magic of the bottle»

Gin claps his hands three times and says that the boy moves to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in the next stage scenes.March 8 for high school students, teachers and parents - an unforgettable holiday, and therefore representation should be bright and memorable.

So then appear on stage dancers and dancers in bright costumes with feathers.They dance the mambo by fiery melodic music.At the end of the dancing children bow and go.Then Jin again claps his hands and brings the boy to Mexico.Again go dancers with a big hat, sombrero and maracas.Dance.

third time Jean carries a boy in Texas, where dancing dancing cowboys.After the dance, Jin tells the boy that met all three wishes.Boy thank Gina for a colorful tour and the idea for a gift.Then he says that he decided to congratulate all women on the occasion, as do in Russia.At this time, he says congratulatory poems.It turns out the girl with the big basket of flowers and the music gives them to all female guests.Curtain.

March 8: scenes (elementary school)

addition to high school matinees and celebrations carried out in primary school.For example, for scenes that you will need:

  • 7 students;
  • 4 teacher;
  • lead.

arrives on the scene first disciple.He says the following words: "Enjoy the beauty of nature!As light and fun today.Winter snow and icicles melted.Ringing drops and birds singing outside the window. "Appears the second student: "There has come the month of March.Melted ice.Spring came and gives our mothers, grandmothers and teachers sunny mood. "In the next stage of the holiday begin comic skits.On March 8 in the school should all be happy and interested.

walks onstage presenter: "The most beautiful and wonderful on the ground - the word" mother ".In all the languages ​​it sounds equally nice and gently.My mother gentle and industrious hands, good eyes and a smile.Her most sensitive and a big heart, so she loves all and never leaves no one in trouble. "

Master's words in greeting skit for parents

No one will argue with the fact that is important for all women of the 8th of March.Scene for teachers and parents should bear positive emotions, accompanied by dances, songs and poems.Therefore, further action takes place in the circle of actors-teachers.On stage there is the first teacher: "On the ground, a lot of good people who know how to appreciate the kindness and empathy neighbor.But best of all it makes the mother ".She then tells the poem "eyes wide open."

On stage, there is a second teacher: "I always advise all over with her mother.I told her about how the day went, about children, about colleagues.She always supports me in difficult times, provides helpful instructions and tips. "

enters third teacher: "In the morning, I see you, Mom.You budish me and say that it is time to wake up.You're a great friend and sovetchitsa, hope and support.You still have time, and all the love.You're the best in the world. "Now waiting for their turn serious and slightly humorous skits on 8 March.The school children gathered close to women - mothers, grandmothers, teachers, sisters, aunts.Students on this day dedicate their performances to all of them.

Congratulations to the lovely ladies

first disciple said: "We love you, my dear mommy!For what you love, and sometimes scold us.But your criticisms always the case.We remember and appreciate it.Always there for you, we can turn to the Council.You answer to us without guile: honestly and fairly. "

second student: "In the heat and cold, joy and sorrow is always with us, our mom.It holds us sleepless nights.Teaches kindness and tolerance, fairness and generosity. "

third disciple: "When my mother was not at home, everything is sad and gloomy.But when my mother comes all at once it falls into place. "

Fourth student: "Good and our beloved grandmother.You are also a mother.You already have grandchildren.You are docile and good-natured.Took care of us and prepare delicious cakes. "

Fifth student: "My grandmother - the best!She always invited to visit, feed delicious cakes, cookies and cakes.All made to drink tea, honors the fairy tale and put to bed. "

Six student: "Knock, knock.We were knocking on doors in March.He hastens to congratulate all the mothers, grandmothers and teachers on the holiday of spring and International Women's Day. "

seventh student: "All the funny skits on March 8 can not do without the songs and poems.Therefore, we will first tell you the verses, and then sing. "

One of the students recited a congratulatory poem.After that song is playing by the children's choir of the mother.Narrator: "All mothers, grandmothers, girls, and teachers, we congratulate on March 8.We wish you success and patience! »

In conclusion, we have offered you a rough comic skits on March 8 at the school.Based on these, you can create your own script and an interesting statement in anticipation of this wonderful holiday.