What is cache and where he might be?

novice users at a certain stage of work on the computer a question arises: "What is the cache?" The unequivocal answer to this question is no.Additionally, you need to specify the subject area with respect to which it is set.On the one hand - it can be very fast memory integrated into the semiconductor chip processor or chip is mounted on the CD-ROM drive.On the other - a place on the drive that fit your needs using the Internet browser.In any case, it is the memory that increases the speed of your PC.

hard disk

Now let's deal with the fact that a cache drive for WIC.Physically - a memory chip which can in some cases greatly increase productivity.The larger the amount of data it can store, the better.To date, this value may be equal to the personal computer 2 to 64 MB with multiplicity 2, and a laptop all the easier - just 2 versions with 32 and 64 MB.Significantly improve the performance of this memory does not allow, but to get an additional 15 per cent in certain circumstances it is possible.


Then find out what the cache to the processor.In this case means a very fast volatile memory that is integrated into the semiconductor chip CPU.It stores instructions and data, the most commonly used by this element of today's PCs.The latest versions of processors is already equipped with such three-level memory subsystem.This has a positive effect on system performance.


Drives for CD-ROM also equip their device cache - a rapid and volatile memory.The benefits of such solutions are obvious - increased productivity at the lowest cost.So the answer to the question of what the cache will be exactly the same as for the hard disk.This chip is mounted on the drive, which increases the speed of data exchange between the drive and the other components of a personal computer.


All previously discussed examples are implemented in hardware.The same case is made from the browser software.The same algorithm is implemented in the operating system "Vindovs" - and then he called a "swap file".But it is easier to work a memory subsystem to consider the example of the browser.All the same, but it is much simpler.Physically - this is a temporary information necessary to the application for work and which is stored on the hard disk.That is in the process of the browser reserves space and store data.If hardware such memory has a fixed size, in which case it can be varied.Let us examine the example of the Internet viewer "Opera" is how to set the cache.To do this, press «Ctrl» and hold it, - «F12».In the window that opens, go to the tab "Advanced".Then select the item "History".There will be a drop-down list of possible values ​​of the memory that was allocated to the needs of the application.


cache - an important attribute of modern computers.In one case it is implemented in software, in other - hardware.The result of its use - increasing the productivity of the computing system.Without it is simply impossible to imagine the work of any modern PC.