As his wife back: tips

Men, however, as women often do stupid things and commit unforgivable mistakes.And often, the representatives of the stronger sex, the question arises, how to get a wife.Tips in this difficult, but still executable actually try to give in this article.

Search Tip 1 reason

So, there was a divorce.How to return your wife?This often think to be alone with a man.But before we look for different ways, you need to find out what was the reason for separation.What ladies was decisive in the decision to break family relations (it should be said that women rarely go to such a serious step)?That is the main question, which is primarily a man must find the answer.And only after that to try to rectify the situation, namely, do all to the wife realized that this will not happen again and that her husband will change.

So often crucial for women becomes alcoholism, violent behavior, a lack of desire on the part of a man to support his family.Only fix his mistake, it can be half the battle.But how to find out about all this (because men rarely themselves aware of the real reasons for the break in relations)?There are several options:

  • ask his wife (if possible), the reason for separation;
  • ask the advice of close friends that are pretty close contact with the couple and knew the nuances of some of their private life;
  • talk to his wife's relatives (mother-father-in) and to find out as much as possible the cause of them.

Tip 2. Surprise

great advice on how to return the wife: to surprise her.This can be done in different ways.For example, if the lady complained that her husband does not do anything around the house, you can make a home repair.If the spouse is often drinking, can be encoded.This woman definitely will like, and she on the other hand look at the elect.However, you can also make a nice lady a different way: to meet and make the evening with his wife is so romantic that she believed all the changes.If you are going to do something nice, you need to think carefully about what his wife would like to have the most accurate and that she will appreciate.

Council 3. History

following advice on how to return the wife: to remember what her husband was first conquered.So, there should be good to scan the past and guess what was decisive in dealing with ladies.And this, again use.A man must be strong, courageous, caring (as it often is in the early stages of dating).These qualities must occur now.But do not make of yourself too perfect guy, the wife knows something, with whom he was dealing.

Council 4. Talk

next clue on how to return the wife: just talk to her openly.Very often married people forget that you need to be completely honest with your partner, sometimes swallowing insults and restraining his indignation.That's it now, and you need to talk openly about everything with his beloved.Find out what she liked, what she would like to change and, in general, as in its opinion may be correct the situation for the better.However, while talking lady of the heart does not need to interrupt and try to justify himself in front of her, it did not turn out good.It is better to listen to everything in silence, and after only say my opinion.Only in quiet conversation, you can find a grain of truth.

Council 5. Changes

Another great tip on how his wife back: change.So, for this you can go on some courses, learning new business, find a new hobby, to do everything to be seen was the result of work.We have to show a lady that after she left life is not stopped, it flows, and everything was okay.But here it is important not to overdo it and do not begin to prove the lady that she was wrong, leaving the family and that's such a great husband (although it is likely, it is not so).

Council 6. Plans

If you want to return the wife, she has to tell about his plans for the future.It is also triggered.After all, ladies often do not see a common future with the man, t. To. He just does not build plans and not think about tomorrow.Consideration should be given his life to the smallest detail and provide everything for his beloved.But here we must be careful not to overdo it with the promises, especially those that are simply impossible to fulfill.

Council 7. Children

How to return his wife after a divorce, if the family has children?So, a woman must show that the relationship with the baby daddy is very important and necessary.You must try as much as possible to walk with the child, to meet with him, to call and find out how things were going.Women always appreciate such behavior.But if earlier the father did not show any interest in his chubby little boy, take advantage of this advice is unlikely to succeed.

what not to do?

If a man is looking for ways to return to his beloved wife, he also needs supporting, what not to do.So, there is a list of errors that the stronger sex make the best of intentions, but so pluck all the strings and burn bridges with which it was possible to return everything else.

  1. No need to try to look in the eyes of his wife too good, making yourself right out of a perfect guy (his wife knows something, how things really are, and just do not believe in all these ostentatious performances).
  2. In conversations with a woman does not need to use logical evidence (women think a little differently, for them the main thing - the emotional component, so it is better to play on it and cause his beloved surge of positive emotions certain actions).
  3. In no case can a man go down to the level of a whiner and beggar, begging his beloved back to the bosom of the family.The guy must be strong and able to take arbitrary decisions in any situation, even the most difficult.
  4. can not pretend that her husband without a wife is very good (especially if it is not), because the woman can breathe a sigh of relief after learning about it.
  5. Do not fill his sweetheart gifts and flowers, it is unlikely to help, and only once more convince the lady that the man, except the material component, she had nothing to give.
  6. If there was a divorce, a man should not forget about their appearance.It can be found even in the street with his beloved, and this should always look attractive and well.
  7. strictly forbidden to constantly repeat the phrase "I love you."To prove his attitude need deeds, not words.Because in fact the words are empty if they are not supported by actions.