Cherries in pregnancy.

cherry - tree with oval red fruits and solid bone inside.Adjustment typically does not exceed three meters.It has dark green leaves with a pointed end.Homeland cherry allegedly considered the Caucasus, the Crimea.However, it grows in other areas.The most common in Russia.

This fruit has a mass of useful properties, due to the falling of the vitamins and minerals.Particularly useful cherries during pregnancy.Its use in its natural form, is cooked jam, make juice, added as a filling in cakes and pies.Equally useful is the leaves of this tree.Their use as a decoction, infusion.This drink is considered to be curative and is able to cope with certain diseases.No less useful tea with cherry leaves.


Cherry Cherry is of several types.Common cherry grows in Russia.The most popular varieties:

  • Memory Vavilov;
  • North Star;
  • Glubokskaya;
  • Lyubskiy;
  • asterisk;
  • Wreath;
  • Novodvordskaya;
  • Wreath.

Common cherry when pregnancy is most useful when compared with other species.

In Japan grows a completely different kind of cherries - cherry.Which became popular because of its flowering.During this period, the entire tree is covered with white or pink blanket, extends for kilometers and a lovely fragrance.But the fruit of the tree at the small, dark-colored.They hardly eat.Since they taste far behind the other varieties.Recently, Sakura began to breed with other species.This kind of cherries in Japan called sakurambo.Such fruits juicy and delicious, although superficially, rather reminiscent of cherries.

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main varieties:

  • Satonisiki;
  • nanie.

in Mongolia and China grow a felt cherry.These trees produce a large crop.The fruits are very sweet and delicious.

There are also steppe and bitter cherry species.These little fruits are edible.They belong to the wild trees.

benefits of cherries during pregnancy

Is this berry useful?Many pregnant women are asking: "Can cherries during pregnancy?" Definitely this question can be answered only by the doctor.These fruits have a lot of useful features and specific contraindications.First of all, the cherry is rich in B vitamins They have a positive effect on the nervous system as a pregnant woman and her unborn child.Also in the cherry has folic acid, necessary for the correct tab of the baby.Therefore, it is advisable not to give up this berry in the first trimester of pregnancy.Except when there are contraindications expressed.Many cherries in vitamin C, which provides strong immunity.It protects the body from various infections.Vitamin E is composed cherry favorably affects the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels.It is important for hair and nails.Also, these little berries contain essential substances such as:

  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • fluorine.

Cherry during pregnancy helps to cope with low hemoglobin, which is a common problem during this period.In the later stages of the mother body takes a lot of iron, to provide for themselves and the future of the child an essential trace mineral.But the cherry pits to eat is not worth.They contain a poisonous substance - hydrogen cyanide.In large quantities, it can cause severe poisoning.Even a few of these seeds will not bring benefits to the body.

benefits of cherries during pregnancy is undoubtedly great.But abuse it is still not worth it.Cherry berries contain a lot of acid.They can cause some health problems.For example, the daily abuse of cherries can cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines, which in turn, may become chronic and even ulcerative lesions.

cherry harm during pregnancy

This is cherry contraindicated during pregnancy?Benefits and harms of the berries are dependent primarily on the health status.Cherry is absolutely contraindicated people:

  • ulcerative diseases of the stomach, bowel, duodenum 12.
  • with inflammatory bowel disease (colitis, gastritis, gastro).
  • with diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

All the rest of this product causes no harm.

Cherry juice Cherry

during pregnancy is useful in any form.The berries, which are not amenable to heat treatment, retain most of their beneficial qualities.If you cook the jam from the fruit, the vitamins will remain there somewhere half.Far better just to grind the berries with sugar.Many women during pregnancy prefer to use cherry juice.According to its beneficial properties, it is almost as good as in the whole berries.Therefore, no special meanings as to use this product in the food.All depends on the taste preferences.

How to use the leaves of cherry?

cherry leaves during pregnancy was less useful than fruits.Of these leaves are brewed vitamin teas, decoctions and infusions do.They contain many useful substances.These teas are light pleasant taste and delicate aroma, have little sedative effect.It is also essential for the preservation of tomatoes and cucumbers.Add them and sauerkraut.Furthermore, cherry leaves are widely used as a therapeutic agent.Extracts from the leaves of cherry to help get rid of the jaundice, stop the bleeding.

Cherry children

Many children are very fond of these delicious berries.They are extremely useful for a small body.Vitamins and minerals that make up the cherries, provide good health a growing organism.Berry useful for the development of the nervous system and sound sleep.It increases hemoglobin, reducing the risk of anemia.It improves circulation and maintains vascular tone.It gives strength and energy.Product is contraindicated in diseases of the digestive tract.Another important contraindication is the development of allergic reactions.If there are no such problems, it is safe to give children a cherry in moderation.