What is rewriting?

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man frequently viewed pages in the global network and maintain its own website, certainly he knows what the rewrite.With high probability we can assume that, by reading news resource, the visitor is faced not with the original, but with a certain way treated materials.Surprisingly: knowing what rewrite, in most cases it can be enough to pinpoint just a few minutes on some key features.At the same time, not having knowledge of the data, it is possible to deal with every day rewriting and not even know it.Here's a funny situation.

What rewrite (rewrite)

the basis of the term under review, two English words: Re and Writing.The meaning is similar to the first Russian language and means "re-renewability."And the second one (in this case) - noun "Scripture."With their combination is obtained by "re-writing" or "rewrite."In other words, a person takes any information available in written form, in detail her work, trying to understand the basic idea, and then, again in writing, the future presents to the reader the same idea, but in his own words.Talking about what is rewriting, not to mention the term "uniqueness."Its meaning is very simple: the smaller the differences in the converted text, and the original, the lower the uniqueness of this work.That is, if, after referring to the original material, it is easy to determine the source, then it is a simple low-PEPA unique: it uses similar figures of speech, words and expressions.In a more complex version of the percentage of similarity is much less, although the text is also recognizable.Finally, the rewrite high uniqueness may not contain similar revolutions.Yet even in this case, people are often faced with a "rewriting" sometimes rewrite can determine the order of presentation: for example, first described by the roof of the house, then walls, and finally the foundation.However, experienced reraytery possible try to leave even the original order, while preserving and passing on all information without distortion of meaning.

What is it

Currently rewriting is used in two main areas: to direct money and promote your site.Although, given that the very Internet resources are often created just for profit, differences of these directions are vague.So many rewrite - work.Demand for the services of a rewriter to a great extent depends on the uniqueness of the resulting material, the ability to accurately determine the main idea of ​​the original text and style of narration.A striking example of income in this area is to offer its services on specialized Internet market.In turn, the site owners interested in the converted unique materials, as it allows to draw more attention to the resource from the search engines that have a positive impact on attendance.

example rewriting

Finally - an example of rewriting.Consider two small text: the first - the original, the second - alteration.

Source: "The bright sun slowly crossed the sky, trying to hide behind the horizon."

Rewrite: "The sun, slowly moving across the sky to the horizon, it was blindingly bright."