"Miss Russia 2010" sure that will be the most beautiful girl in the world

winner of the contest "Miss Russia 2010", Irina Antonenko has not yet decided how to spend the prize of 100 thousand dollars, but has no doubt that the education she receives financial and in the Ural Law Institute, will help to properly dispose of them.

Recall that the model from Ekaterinburg won the contest "Miss Russia-2010" March 6.Besides the title and the crown she received 100 thousand dollars and the right to represent Russia at the upcoming contest "Miss Universe."

At a press conference on Tuesday Antonenko said that preparations for such competitions, though hard work, but it is a great pleasure.And in order to win, she said, need perseverance, time, desire, and a minimum of material costs.

«Personally, I invest only in shoes.Everything else is somehow magically gives me "- admitted Ural beauty.

So, after winning the contest "Miss Ekaterinburg" it provides free beauty salons, gyms.And now, after Antonenko received the title of "Miss Russia", she will live in a Moscow apartment, she would have experienced teachers, the driver and even salary - all to prepare for the next contest "Miss Universe", which will be held in late summer.

their chances of winning in the global beauty contest Antonenko estimates as "99 percent of the 100".

Thus, despite the busy schedule of training in the "Miss Universe", "it does not leave his studies in the Ural financial and legal institute, whose leadership after returning victorious to his hometown gave her a 100 percent exemption on training (a year of study hereworth 36 thousand rubles) and a necklace with a diamond.

«I clearly decided for myself back then, almost three years ago (at admission) that I need to get either a finance related degree, or with law. Because it anywaywill need in life. It is necessary to be able to use the money, need to know where to invest, "- he said Antonenko.

She noted that it would not rush into investing elsewhere prize of 100 thousand dollars.

« More teach a lesson to learn all the disadvantagesthe pros, how that money to dispose of, which they invest to make a profit. Not for nothing, I'm in this institution, "- said Antonenko.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs UrFYuI Alain Grishmanovskaya noted that student-beauty and learning allin order.Immediately after the victory of the girls in the competition "Miss Russia 2010" the university administration to raise all statements for the three years of her education and found in them only "excellent" and "good."

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