Redhelper - Online Consultant On Site

RedHelper - online consultant to the site.

you are a buyer or seller?The whole world lives by this principle.If the seller - the paper will be of interest to you.

success in sales depends on the speed of delivering information to the buyer.Internet in this regard strongly loses offline shopping.Buyers are spending significantly more time on making a purchase, is constantly stumble upon conflicting and diverse information.

instant advice greatly increase sales!

RedHelper enables live communication with the customer on an electronic platform.Imagine - every visitor to your site, you can say hello and offer him help.Every user will quickly get answers to questions, and the probability of purchase is doubled.

Key features and capabilities of the "Online Consultant»:

  1. most important thing - instant and easy communication with the operator of the site visitor.

chat window for consultation:

operator so:

(displays that page of the site on which sits a visitor)

  1. Watching seal.In the offline store consultant, heard the beginning of the question, it is already beginning to think about the answer.The system RedHelper operator also has the opportunity.Thus, it will produce a delay between questions and answers.

2. Offline mode.When all the operators are not in the network, questions are sent to e-mail the site administrator.

Online consultant appeared recently and has already managed to please the users.

developer is not sitting idle.Plans marked interesting and useful features:

«Info» - artificial intelligence will be trained to talk with real operators, and at night to answer the questions of visitors.

«CO- browser» - website visitor, if necessary, will be redirected to the correct page and highlight useful information

«Active sales» - the operator can initiate a conversation with the visitor.

After careful study of the market such systems, it is clear that the team RedHelper really managed to create a comfortable, functional and high-quality solution for those who need a consultant for the online site.

This system is you can install for free .On the site you can see the system in action and leave a response, or wish to report a problem.The development team listens to the opinions of its customers.

The declared cost of the program after taking into account all the wishes of users - 1500 rubles / month.Hurry, while available for free use.

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