My job - Copywriting

Nowadays, many people make money online.Someone clicks on the advertisement, someone plays in Forex, the casino, and some just can not decide, and to find the right industry for earning online.One of the leading sectors of earnings in the network is considered to copywriting.But what is a copywriting and who can become a real clever author?

Copywriting as marketing on the Internet, includes several sections, which are directly related to the text content.The main sections that include copywriting following:

1. Copywriting - writing articles, which were compiled by the author, based on the specific facts and data;
2. Rewriting - rewrite, predicting existing article in your own words;
3. kopipasta - copy parts of the text.
4. Translation.

main task of writers who deliberately work in one of four sections of copywriting - make the text readable and interesting, not forgetting about the uniqueness.

Speaking directly about the work itself, it is necessary to allocate
advantages and disadvantages.The advantages are many and the main of them - the ability to earn without leaving home.On the whole, copywriting itself is advantageous work, because this is a simple, interesting and exciting activities from which you never get tired.And most importantly, you can write articles when, where and how you want.In copywriting earnings depend directly on you, that simply can not fail to please.

If we talk about numbers, it is about 1 hour, you can write one article, and it is about $ 2, depending on the price per 1 000 characters, and depending on the subject of the article.Based on these averages, we can assume that if given to writing, though, would be 5 hours a day, then one day you can earn about $ 10.It is not difficult to guess that the earnings on writing articles will be about $ 150 per month.And then, trading on copywriting can easily be increased: it is enough just to write more and add to its portfolio.Gradually, with the measure of the acquisition of knowledge and skills in copywriting, you can raise prices for his work and as a result, we can expect a larger monthly income of copywriting.

As for the advantages of this author's craft, you can select directly the independence and the ability to work at any time, while sitting at home on the couch.Plus, the work of a copywriter is arranged so that the income depends only on the author himself, his skills and experience.

main and the only drawback of this art is the stillness and inactivity during operation (conducting "sedentary" lifestyle).

Speaking directly about the work itself, the workplace can be a copywriter Exchange Stateyny content that the Internet represented a huge amount.One of the emerging stock exchanges, which are not strict to their authors and article takes absolutely any subjects considered high-quality and inexpensive items from the Exchange Vmzony.Over the years, its ranks came many talented authors who are currently working successfully and receive for their labors considerable income.

Summing up the above, it should be said that the work of a copywriter
pretty good view of earnings in the network, and they should be engaged in, as well as any activity that you are interested in and revenue.