How to talk with the employer by phone

phone call - is the most effective way to find work.
If you have skills in business telephone calls, self-confidence and a positive attitude conversation with the employer may terminate an invitation for an interview.

Preparation for telephone conversations.

Before calling the organization (company) to determine for themselves:

The purpose of the call.Content
Prepare questions that you want answered.
prepare answers to questions that may be asked by the employer.By
opportunity to learn the position and full name of the future companion.
Prepare a pen and paper, in case you have something to write.
Put your resume in front of him, and you are interested in the announcement of the vacancy.

telephone conversations.

Remember that you do not see, and became the hallmark of what you say and how you speak.

Do not start the conversation by asking: "Who is this?", And specify, whether you got there.
Introduce yourself and tell the purpose of his call.
smiling.The man on the other end of the line feels it is the tone of your voice.

Do not cry, even the hard of hearing - it does not improve the relationship.
clearly pronounce the word.
Never interrupt the interlocutor in mid-sentence, let me finish the thought.
not ask several questions in a row to pause to hear the answer.
Your question should be clear and short.
If you do not understand or did not hear, ask the interlocutor to repeat or clarify information.
making an appointment, do not try to call to solve all questions.
repeat once again what I have to remember your interlocutor (the date of the meeting, phone, name, etc.)

algorithm negotiation.

standards of business telephone conversation - three minutes.During this time, you should:

greet employee,
represent (name, vacancy of interest, education, qualification, practice in the specialty, ability, etc.),
Demonstrate interest in working in the company.
If the answer is "yes" - to agree on the date and time of the meeting, "no" - take care of the details: Ability to work in the near future, work not on a specialty, etc.
express gratitude for your time.

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