Alliance - a union to achieve common goals

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Encyclopaedias interpret the term "alliance" as a union or union organizations, political parties, or on the basis of specified contractual obligations.Alliance - it is also a community of individuals united together to achieve some common goals.Consider the essence of the concept and its kinds.


meaning of the word "alliance" often implies a union between two or more States.However, such agreements may also be political, group, national, international, cooperative, international, strategic, economic, military, family, personal, and others.

essence associations

in relations between states alliances are aimed, first and foremost, on mutual assistance of the parties when there is a threat of aggression by other powers.They can also be formed for the approval of any mutual interests.

The closest synonym for the alliance - a union.It is formed between several countries to join forces in the fight against one of the stronger state, threatening their independence.Unions in such cases are divided into offensive or defensive.

similar values ​​are also such a thing as a coalition group, corporation, organization, community, union, association.Alliance - a political, economic or military-political coalition of several states, created to protect the common interests of ensuring joint security, coordinated the preparation and defense of another State.In this alliance established common objectives and jointly determined actions aimed at achieving them.For example, the anti-Hitler coalition was created, which is during the Second World War, the union of peoples and nations, who opposed the Nazi bloc countries.

interstate alliances

interstate alliances are formed on the basis of bilateral or multilateral agreements, pacts and agreements.They may be secret and open, short and long-term, highly organized and simple.Previously, their main thrust is to win the impending war.In addition, each of the states that are members of the coalition, primarily pursue their own economic, political and military interests.In modern conditions the interstate alliance - is to create a community, the aim of which is to achieve equilibrium in the balance of forces necessary for the national security of certain powers.An example of such alliances is NATO.This military-political bloc was established in 1949 and exists as a "transatlantic forum" to consult on any issues between the two countries, allies and deter any form of aggression, threatening any of its constituent states.

example of interstate union also is the establishment in 2005, the "Alliance of Civilizations", initiated at the 59th UN General Assembly.The purpose of association is to intensify international action against extremism.Conflicts are not settled through the establishment of inter-cultural, inter-ethnic and inter-religious cooperation and dialogue.This alliance drew particular attention to reducing friction between the Islamic and Western worlds.He developed the network of the "Group of Friends" - a widening community, which consists of states and international organizations that support the objectives of the association.

promising form of integration

Strategic Alliance - is an agreement on cooperation of two or more independent organizations, companies to jointly achieve specific business goals and combining complementary and mutually beneficial strategic resources companies.This is a unique form of cooperation between the organizations whose purpose is to provide access to new markets, technology and knowledge.

Strategic alliances today are the most promising forms of integration companies.In the XXI century it is they will become the most important tool of competition.The emergence of such alliances - one of the fastest ways to solve the global strategy.Their main selling point is the agreement on cooperation between firms and organizations, provides perspectives that go beyond the usual trade, but does not lead to the merger.As a rule, strategic alliances are based on long-term relationships or partners or limited to certain contracts.

These alliances should be distinguished from joint ventures that involve the creation of new companies by contributions of assets or businesses of several individual companies.This kind of education have their business separately from corporations, property owners, but work for their benefit.Strategic Alliance - an association of two or more companies that are willing to share the risks and rewards in order to achieve specific, often completely different purposes.Strategic alliances in something reminiscent of a deal.Their overwhelming majority for its existence is only one requirement the participants - to attract new resources.Therefore, an important condition for the success of the alliance is to provide financial protection: reliable, and most importantly, permanent sources of funding.So at one time united global automobile giants Toyota Jidosha c Hino Jidosha, Daihatsu Jidosha and Yamaha Jidosha, Daimler-Benz with Crysler and others.Their main objective was established in an effort to reorganize the share of the world car market and solve the problems it lower sales volumes.

system flexibility

strategic alliances open access to both suppliers and customers.Alliances can be created on the basis of inter-firm horizontal cooperation between companies of related areas of activity that have complementary technology and expertise.Commercial organizations are often members of several strategic alliances.This makes them quite mobile and free to partners, more oriented to the future, reducing the uncertainty in their relations and increase stability in the provision of the necessary resources and distribution of products and services.

Alliances are able to exert influence on competition.Creating a certain period, they can safely disintegrate over time, if the need for them there is no association.The legislation are today the least restrictive in the way of market penetration.