Scene about moms.

On Women's Day or Mother's Day is very necessary funny scene about moms.It must be good, funny and a little touching.After about moms scene reflects life itself.And motherhood and education have to look at many things with humor, because otherwise the parents simply do not survive.

Making room

For Women's Day and Mother's Day is usually carried out in institutions celebrations.It is important prior to the beginning of the beautifully decorating the hall.You can use balloons, large paper flowers, wall newspapers, stands.

Gallery "Our mother as a child" can be the starting point in the competition.To this end, under the pictures should leave room for the children to have written, whose mother is captured.Next be sure to put your data.This will help pick a winner when summing up the contest.

children saying "As a fire truck!"

funny skits about the mother may be based on extracts from the speech of kids.They are set in a "piggy bank" of each parent strain is a memory or open a blog, which collected the funniest children's phrase.They often form the basis of anecdotes.For example, a very brief scene about mothers can be so.

«Son, I'm beautiful?" - Asks the mother, showing off in front of a mirror."Yes, Mommy ... - breathy whispers enthusiastic child.- Just like a fire truck! »

Baby statements."Where were the dinosaurs?"

Or maybe even this scene about moms.

child is considering a bike which made the street neighbor girl.Daughter touches the steering wheel, trying to hoot the horn.Then she asks thoughtfully: "Mom, in ancient times, when you were young, you had a bike?" Mom sadly replies: "No, son, I have such a beauty was not, unfortunately ..." - "Yeah, for a long timeIt was.And though some dinosaurs were then? »

Scene" three mothers "

It is very important to pick up on these children's holiday skits about mothers and grandmothers, that show parental love and care.This material just fits the bill.Poetic scenes children sometimes played with lead or author.There is also the role of grandmother, mother, and Tanya.Therefore these scenes fit for grandmothers and mothers.

Words Author:

Tanya evening sat down to play.

Doll took - rather her sleep!

She then asked Tanya question ( word Tanya ):

«What are you, little girl, hung up his nose?

play again all day, restless,

and refused absolutely to dinner?

As I was tortured, my daughter, to you!

Soon you will be like a match, thin!

Obey mom need spinner!

That you, my dear, tea and cheesecake! »

Words Author:

Mom Tanya came to work.

Tanya asked ( word mom ):

«How, my daughter, are you?

play again all day, restless,

and refused absolutely to dinner?

As I was tortured, my daughter, to you!

Soon you will be like a match, thin!

Obey mom need spinner!

That you, my dear, tea and cheesecake! »

Words Author:

Here grandmother - my mother's mother - came.

and tannins mother she asked ( words grandmother ):

«My daughter, you look very tired ...

probably do not eat all day, tired?

in school work and fidget!

remains today without dinner again?

As I was tortured, my daughter, to you!

Soon you will be like a match, thin!

Obey mom need spinner!

That you, my dear, tea and cheesecake! »

Words Author:

three mothers, three daughters sitting in the dining room,

Three mothers to daughters reproachful look.

not easy, not easy to be mothers, daughters

Kohl are stubborn!

sketch about a son and his mother

well accepted by the audience funny skits about my mother and grown children.After all, parents always think their kids toddlers.Already become a classic scene, "Mom and son-director of the school."Participate in it two.

mother wakes her son: "Time to get up, but then again too late!Get up, son, all the kids have gone to school! "Son:" Well, even half an hour, Mom!I'm sick of this school! "-" So, son, you can not!The school - it's your duty! "-" Do not want!Maslov will again throw a dirty rag! "-" I would have to go to school! "-" Do not go!Ivan niggles me, all the time looking for errors! "-" Enough pick.Get up, lazybones! "-" And I Filippov behind language shows up with all sorts of nicknames! "-" And what now?In school you still need to go!You're the director! »

Scene" Do not chewed, probably ... "

short scene for the mother of the children is often based on real events.Most funny stories are taken from the "Jumble" and replayed on holidays kids.For example, here's an episode probably laugh all the guests and the audience.

Mom cuts the potatoes and the girl tells a story, and my daughter eats nearby.

«Red Riding Hood and went into the woods to grandmother.Rui good!There is it, and towards the gray wolf.You let chew, chew better!He tricked the girl ran into the hut first and swallowed the grandmother.You'll chew or not?Then he and the girl swallowed.Rui, I tell you, it is better prozhёvyvay!But it went past the hunters saw a wolf, his stomach ripped open.Carefully prozhёvyvay food as much as you speak!And out here alive and unharmed grandmother and her granddaughter ... »

daughter put the spoon he stood up and said:" That, and all because my mother did not listen and did not prozhёvyval food properly! »

Scene" Wherediary? "

can be tied to the holiday theme events dedicated to mothers, school subjects.They were also taken from real life.For example, often a scene for the mother of the children associated with the test ratings.

«Son, you're at the computer again wear his pants?So stay ignorant! "- Refers to a teen mother."Well, you are backward, ancestors!Computer - this is progress!Only one person can be considered as cultural and developed today, which has mastered this technique!And I - just a man, cultured, educated and developed! "- Is responsible arrogant teenager.

«Well, then show me your diary, you are our cultural and educated!" - Does not give up my mother."Where is he?" - Asks the boy, not looking up from the computer."Probably in your portfolio!»

son rummages in a school bag, but finds nothing."He's not there!On checking, apparently passed! "- Is responsible kid and tries again to sit at the computer.His mother removes, she sits and clicks the mouse, looking for something.

«Mom, now all spoil me, I lose!" - Shouts defaulting student."You, sonny, has already lost!Look, it's your electronic diary, and a teacher for review does not take away!And there we see ... the two Russian and the number of math!Yeah, and that's more jobs for backward ... So shut up their game and get to work!Computer - this is progress!Only one person can be considered as cultural and developed today, which has mastered this technique, "- repeats the words of my mother's son a malicious tone.

son scratches his head dejectedly."How so?A Vovk said that just to hide a diary and a ride ... Yes, it is difficult to live with their parents, who understand computers!Oh, this progress!I wish I had broken computer! »

Scene" Mom-gamer "

daughter sitting at the computer.Beginning mother.

«Docha, let me pictures of" Classmates "vsunu!»

girl reluctantly made way.Mom pulls a stack of photos, trying to open the drive and stick it there.Daughter laughs: "Mom, what are you doing!Why do you tuck into your printed pictures! "-" And what is necessary? "-" This is done with the electronic media!Where flash drive? "-" It's such a little thing, like a lighter? "-" Well, yes, on the lighter!And you have to first enter your website!What's your username? "-" Who? "-" Username, Mom!Well, the word is a code, written in Latin characters it over here - a daughter showing mother.- And here write the password! "-" Ah-ah-ah!Now, turn away! "The girl turned away, my mother clumsily poking at the keys referring to the piece of paper.Daughter waving in and out of the house, shaking his head - that's because some "silly" her mother!

slams the front door.Mom pulls out the headphones quickly clicks on the keyboard, start to chat on Skype: "It Paracetamol!Dates, are you ready?The daughter left two hours we have in stock!Getting Started!Come on, bypassing the One-Eyed Mockingbird left and it'll blow on the right!Jump to the mountain!Hiding rather crevice!Can not you see what?Boom, Hello!You also released the workplace?Come on, connect to, right, right ... bam!Done !!!Ha ha!We took!We run to the spaceport, two seconds later, the flight to the planet Omervayter!There we were waiting multiarm Vishera!Hyperbolic lazeroidy not forgotten?Forward! »

Scene" Day of the mothers "

the Son singing, sweeping the floor.The mother enters the room with huge bags.She looks around, surprised and frightened sits."Son, what happened?You got an F? "-" Why do you think that? "-" Well, why did you suddenly took up the cleaning? "-" Just on the floor was rubbish, so I decided to sweep! "Mom touched the shelf and grabs the heart"You and wiped the dust!Can I call to the director again? "-" No, I just decided to help you, that's all wiped the dust! "-" Everywhere ??? "- my mother faints.Son brings her a glass of water.Mother drinking, chattering teeth."You probably expelled from school?What it smells so good? "-" It is not ruled out.A smell of fried potatoes - I have prepared for you.You're tired, probably! "Mom falls from his chair, shouting:" Doctor!Soon!You seem to have put on record in the nursery! »

son goes to the phone, dials a number and muttered:" They say that nothing good comes out of this day mothers do not get ... "ER"?Take the challenge!Yes, too, Mom!Also with an attack! »

Mom gently lifts his head:" That's all - just a gift?- Son nods.- On the day of Mom?Tomorrow everything will be as before? "-" Well, of course, Mom!I promise! "The son kissing his mother on the cheek, they join hands and walk into the kitchen.Son carries the bag.


After each program should sound congratulations mom.Sketch "Dinner" will be the transition from the concert to the Tea Party.

son and daughter spinning in the kitchen stove.The boy offers to bake a cake, and the girl insists kharcho soup.They did not reach agreement.As a result, each dish adds the products that it sees fit.

son reads the recipe: "Put the flour in three eggs, a glass of sour cream ..." - puts in a big bowl of food and starts to stir up the oven.Girl reading a recipe."Hot red pepper pod placed.Add the grated garlic, onion, cilantro! "- Puts its products and mixes everything with a spoon.Then the children put their bowl in the oven and wait.

doorbell, the son of runs open.The girl gets out of the oven dish.Mom include: "What are you my rock!Thank you very much for your concern! "My daughter hands her a plate, which has a piece of something black.Mom sniffs, winces, but cautious bites off a piece."And the name of this amazing meal?" - My mother could hardly chew, but through the power of smiling.Children choir respond: one yells "cake", another - "grub".Mom nods and says, "I just think.Cake "Kharcho."Adorable! »

leading after scenes tells visitors:" Our dishes are prepared in this way is not so dear mothers and grandmothers did not have to pretend to try them on taste.Welcome everyone to the festive table! »