Vilnius rally Yuri Nikulin

In 1968, arrived in Lithuania circus tent.As usual, the tour began in the capital.Summer.Month of June.Heat.This time the troupe arrived famous clowns - Yuri Nikulin and Vasily Shuydin.

circus live on stowed in their carriages.Only administator and Nikulin Circus with Shuydin lived in separate rooms in the hotel Neringa.They ate at the famous Jazz Cafe "Neringa" at the hotel.

Circus came the concert.Normal operation.All the usual, monotonous and tedious.In two concerts a day.On Saturday and Sunday three.Of course, artists, musicians, and all employees of the circus tired.Nikulin was the soul of the team and respected man.He felt very subtly attack the critical moment when fatigue poured out irritation, quarrels among artists.Even animals badly obeyed his trainer.

Nikulin And then come up with some trick.It was a performance that involve the whole company.And people forget about the problems and hardships of touring.

Cafe "Neringa" dinner circus boss, Shuydin and Nikulin.Sometimes ran and other artists, especially after the evening performance.Listen to music, dance, dinner.

One morning Nikulin went into the room and began to praise Shuydin Lithuanian cuisine and service.

last night, said Nikulin Shuydin, you did not go to dinner in the café, and there was announced an advertising campaign - giving free hot dogs for dinner, but not less than 20 units and only for our circus artists.Knowing his friend's habit to organize rallies, Shuydin skeptical grinned and said:

- I have a bottle of port and bullheads in tomato sauce with processed cheese "Friendship".And your jokes, I know by heart, think of something pooriginalnee.

- I have nothing to invent.Go down and you will see the announcement of the promotion - said Nikulin.

Going down to the cafe, Shuydin saw the ad:

«Dear circus!Administration cafe welcomes you and offers to your range of food in our hotel an additional 20 free sausages!Have a good appetite! »

Still not trusting even this announcement, Shuydin sat down at the table.Taking from the approaching waitress menu, he asked casually:

- What won that declaration can be trusted?

- Yes, of course, if you have a certificate circus.

- Here it is - showed Shuydin license.

- What'll you have?

- Bread, sausage and mustard.20 pieces.

Shuydin waitress brought 2 slices of bread and 20 pieces of sausages (jar of mustard stood on the table).Shuydin still doubting soul, choking ate 10 hot dogs, others discreetly wrapped in a napkin and put it in his pocket.

approached the waitress brought the bill: 2 slices of bread = 2 kopecks., 25 cents a cup of coffee (no sugar).Total: 27 kopecks.

Shuydin, which was pretty stingy, gave 30 cop waited putting 3 cents and went to the circus.

In the circus he said Nikulin:

- Really, you do not lie.I even hid 10 pieces.Eat in between concerts.

- There, you see, and you did not believe me - smiled Nikulin - It is necessary to announce the artists who live in the circus, about free sausages.

- not necessary - worried Shuydin - Sausage may not be enough at all.

- Well - thoughtfully murmured Nikulin.- I had not thought of that.

Two weeks Shuydin served at the cafe table in the farthest corner of the room and ordered 20 hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.And no money from it for the dogs not required.Of course, eating 20 hot dogs in one sitting, he could not, he is not eaten wrapped in a napkin and took the circus.There he entertained sausages circus animals and cashiers, demanding from them to pay a number of small services.

most interesting is that, Obzhirov sausages Shuydin became lazy as overfed boa recovered, flushed face and even once in two weeks is not drunk!After heavy zakuson of sausages he was too lazy to go to the city and to take at least a beer.Naedyatsya free sausages to satiety, he was disgusted by it, but the passion for unexpected freebies and the dream of daily savings, time and again, drew him every once in a cafe.He has already started to think about moving to Lithuania.However, it was uncomfortable to ask the Director cafes, whether free hot dogs, if he moves to live in Vilnius.

Abundant Food amended his life on tour.Previously, he was saving subsistence, buy a few bottles of cheap wine, a loaf of bread, and canned goods.I ate cold food, drinking canned wine.Often an evening concert he was under shofe.But saving diem.And then such a freebie.Spending a day less than the ruble, Shuydin enjoyed life.

And last concert.This concert Kontramarka came all the staff cafe.

evening, during a concert cafe was closed.The concert was great as always.The audience fell out laughing when the arena went great artists and V.Nikulin V.Shuydin.

After the show behind the scenes appeared Director Cafe "Neringa" and invited the artists to spend the last night in his cafe.

Café actors expect a richly decorated table, and when all were seated, the director of the cafe, raising his glass of vodka Lithuania "Palanga", proposed a toast to the health of all those present.Showered with toasts, congratulations.They all drank and beat on Lithuanian dishes.

Shuydin gladly kissed the fine drink, the taste of which he was already forgotten."Thank God - he thought. - Finally, I will rest on those sausages."In addition, the dream of daily savings warmed his soul.

But then rose again, and the director of the cafe said:

- I want to raise a toast to the health of a wonderful actor Basil Shuydina and to thank him for saving the budget of the cafe.We have put 1,000 pieces of sausages that we are not in demand.If not a friend Nikulin Circus and the administration, we would have suffered a loss due to unclaimed visitors 900 pieces of sausages.Since, as said Basil Shuydina comrades, his favorite food - hot dogs, we were happy to sell their circus at the lowest price, which enabled us every day at the request of the artist to treat his favorite dish.Thank you, dear comrade Shuydin!You set a record by eating 14 hot dogs 840 days.Balance of sausages, 60 pieces, you will be presented with tomorrow before leaving.

the morning Shuydin quietly passed a room and ran to the place where stationed circus wagons, taking the last 60 pieces of sausages.

P.S.In Moscow, he, too, was a surprise.For sausages, eaten them in the cafe, the administration paid daily Shuydina circus.No scandals, complaints and curses did not help.Daily went to the dogs.But for these two weeks I have not been seen Shuydina drunk.

And all this "circus" has arranged for the prompt administration of the circus Nikulin.


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