How to celebrate Groundhog Day?

Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2.And so began his story: 120 years ago on this very day in Panksutoni (Pennsylvania, USA) crawled out of his hole (with a great mind) marmot, and local residents have seen in this event supposedly a harbinger of weather.For groundhog at this time should theoretically be in hibernation.

and forged people that if the groundhog this day see the light of day, afraid of his own shadow and hide back into the hole, then the winter will be delayed for another six weeks.If the day is overcast, cloudy, shade rodent finds his refuge and leave, and spring will come early.Over the past 120 years, predicting groundhog weatherman confirmed only in 39% of cases, but a happy ritual loses popularity to this day.

Why February 2?Because it's the middle of the astronomical winter.That is the midpoint between the days of autumn and spring equinox, from which (after six weeks) and start something in any case, this spring.

Today this holiday is no longer associated with meteorological research, and with a desire to escape from the everyday, everyday, boring life.The work, personal life, study, children - all enclosed in cycling circles.

How do you want a fun and original note Groundhog Day at a routine reality!You can offer different options.If

celebrate Groundhog Day in the company, the company cheer after a light table can, for example, using the competition "The Beast."The players stand in a circle.Leading whisper tells each of his role: "marmot" he or "eagle".All embrace each other's shoulders.When the host speaks loudly all the "Eagle!", The "Eagles" draw in both legs.When the "marmot!", They draw in the legs.The fun will be even greater if a large company suddenly turns a small minority of those or other "beasts".

can distribute secret missions to draw or depict a variety of means of pantomime animals, and then the whole company to guess who is who.Naturally, the selected voting winners - the prize.For example, calendars with little animals.

can simply imagined in the family - Evening reverse roles: husband inspired casts a spell over the banquet table, the wife plays the computer in any game, and daughter resting in front of the TV.

Well, probably the most fun way to celebrate the holiday.You rarely have to do it in a zoo?The brutal power and intense emotions, limitless fun are easy to organize.Throws marmot various goodies, take pictures, ride on the carousel, organize competitions.

example, you can make a bet about when to begin the long-awaited real spring.Make a good bet and stay in the intriguing waiting for the rest of the winter.Member of the most rightly pointed out the weather on the first day of March - temperature, wind, atmospheric pressure - take all the winnings.

Well, and of course the gifts on this day we must give special.The most relevant, perhaps, is Groundhog Day that reminds us of all earthly cycling.For example, the film is appropriately named, clock, calendar, a barometer.You can give away or something warm for winter-friendly rest of the winter (plaid sweater) or a spring-symbolic (flower, cheerful scarf), personifying the rebirth of nature.

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