Modern Muse of poetry and reality

Before any person who visits the muse of poetry and who composes poetry in the 21st century, even more so if he is inclined to see this as anything more than mindless fun, with time the question arises: what should be the modern poetry, to defendits right to exist, and not look foolish in an age of technocracy?

Philology considers this kind of creativity as the art of creating an artistic image of the structure of organized melodic and rhythmic speech, which gives the text a certain ability suggestive and emotional impact on the listener or reader.But what is the value, in addition to the museum, the belles lettres can be for a modern cultural space filled with 3D-graphics and information technologies?Of course, we are primarily concerned with contemporary poetry - Russian and foreign, which, thanks to the existence of different schools of translation reflects the poetic space of humanity.

A cursory glance at the shelves of bookstores and to related sites, highlighting the status of the web, yo

u can believe that modern poetry is not only published on the Internet, but is also published on the paper.But the reader, like the muse of poetry, disappointed immediately after sampling acquaintance with texts full of banal tongue-tied, unromantic evokes nostalgia and timeless.

submitted by readers of modern poetry

uncommon to face the fact that the declared insolvency of modern poetry, saying: "What are you!This is such a great writing!Keep your link - read! "But there is the work of one of the many" elves "and the rhyme is not knowing how, but claiming that he regularly visits the muse of lyric poetry and dictates masterpieces of poetic thought.

But the catastrophic situation in which turned out to be today's poetry, it becomes clear where later, when it turns out that readers have no idea about the existence of really interesting and original poets alive today, but not because no suchexist.Muse of poetry still visits people - and really great creators have, but few readers able to remember at least one text, which at least for any decent level to rethink what happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and is happening now.It seems that the attitude of modern man is quite able to display a humorous songs, advertising slogans and pop songs filled nemudrenoy bytovuhoy and vulgarity.

Modern poetry and reality

thinking man is well aware that the post-Soviet space is the third decade in the hands of cynical temporary worker who, regardless of their ideological beliefs, consider strengthening the foundations of the national consciousness of unnecessary and even harmful.But poetry, like all other arts, this refers to the very basics, along with fundamental science and education.Muse of poetry and scientific thought are complementary: the first makes the second to gain the power of persuasion and the audibility formulation, thus turning into knowledge.Being an integral part of the knowledge that can expose the true nature of things, the poetic word has also a high mobilization activities: History knows many cases when a poem or song became popular indignation satellite or other social process.

Thus, the development of poetry must be the same as the development of science.First of all, it requires a leader who is going to lead to a bright future, but it is contraindicated temporary worker.Unfortunately, the modern poet demoted key hierarchy of knowledge into a farce magician who does that sometimes attends the muse of love poetry, but no more.I want to believe that the modern consciousness soon acutely feel the lack of poetic words and the art will be rehabilitated.