What is the best operating system for a netbook?

Today, these small devices such as netbooks, have become quite popular among the population, and this is due to the fact that people simply inconvenient to use bulky laptops in their daily lives.Developers are well aware, and therefore are working tirelessly to finally dispel the controversy, what is the best operating system for a netbook?

However, before proceeding to the arguments on the topic, which operating system is best for a netbook, we will try to explain exactly what the netbook itself.Netbook - a mini-computer, a mini-laptop.Roughly speaking, a netbook - a smaller laptop that has to cope with tasks that do not require large capacity.Perhaps few people remember, but there was no time for this purpose and designed notebooks: mobility, battery life, small size, good performance for simple tasks.It is clear that laptops are not designed to play them in the game, and no reason is a different matter when using a laptop sitting on the internet or view the document.But time passed, came the twenty-first century technology in both developing and developed, and to light a netbook.Modern notebooks may have performance is no different from the average laptop, but at the same time, the netbook will be cheaper in price, more compact, lighter in weight and will be able to work independently longer.Due to all these factors, netbooks, and began to make a serious competition to its older brother.

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There are different operating systems for netbooks, so when you buy a new device, it is necessary to take it seriously and think carefully before you install on any netbook OSes.Now we try to figure out which operating system is best for a netbook.

Windows 7. What honest, this OS is the most popular operating system in the world.Most of all computers in the world are working on it, "windsurfing".Seven published in 2009 and immediately became incredibly popular among users of PCs and laptops, and what about netbooks?Fortunately, the developers have taken care of it and released several versions of the new OS.The simplest to use and most appropriate version of sevens for a netbook - it's Windows 7 Starter.This OS is a lightweight compared to the other versions of the operating system and made Starter specifically for netbooks.There is no doubt that this is an operating system for the best netbook.

In second place is the operating system from Apple, called OS X. We all know that "apple" company produces equipment premium, which for years to come ahead of its competitors in their operating system on the face of this fact.The system has a very nice look and a very simple interface, which, after careful adjustment will be clear to everyone.However, unfortunately, officially installing the OS of Apple devices can only be the same company, so if you are lucky enough to own a netbook from the company Apple, you can only envy, because the production costs of the company, oh how not cheap.If you do not have a netbook from the "apple" of the company, the best thing about the existence of this OS easy to forget.

Linux Mint - is the third operating system for netbooks, we are considering.If you need a netbook mainly for simple office tasks and to surf on the Internet, the operating system - the optimal choice.The system under consideration is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge to configure, because it is very simple.The big plus of the OSes to Windows is the fact that this operating system is free, and it can get anyone.Many users use Linux Mint is on their netbooks, because to work for a netbook, it's perfect.

So, having considered the three operating systems for netbooks, we can conclude that identify the best system is quite difficult, because it is a matter of taste of each person, but in fairness, it is worth noting that still most of the users choose is Windows 7.