The most controversial number in numerology

In numerology, each number has its own significance.Everyone can be a human or a favorable or unfavorable.The most controversial is zero.This figure is found in different subject areas, even in religion, she is credited with the value.

word "figure" has its roots in Arabic and comes from the word "figure", which literally translates as "emptiness", "free".By itself, the figure is zero meant nothing, but if it is tripped side to any other number, it increases the value of the number formed by ten times.Until the middle of the XVI century only called zero digit.In the same period, the figure began to call all the Arab characters are used to denote numbers.The most common is the decimal number system, it presents ten digits from 0 to 9. Less common binary system, it has only two digits 0 and 1. As a general rule, it is used in mathematical logic, and here is set to zero - a lie,and the unit - the truth.

In numerology, zero is considered a symbol of eternity and infinity.Sometimes it refers to the root cause of existence, the egg of the universe and the solar system.Since zero is the versatility.It can be associated with a denial and limitation.The values ​​of some of its infinite majesty and the infinitely small.It is a circle symbolizes infinity and the atom.

In Western esoteric tradition zero means eternity.An interesting fact is that the very number zero appeared in Europe a few centuries ago.Zero was invented by Hindu mathematicians around the VI century BCThe European school of mathematics, he was introduced by the Italian scientist Leonardo Fibonacci.The introduction of this figure contributed to the discovery of a large number of laws, which is reflected not only in the technological world, but the world of divination and predictions.In the eastern countries of zero is always associated with the emptiness and lies at the heart of Buddhism.Zero is an abstract number, so much value in itself does not carry.Only when added to the other number he has a weight, usually large, as a result of increases in the number of arithmetic progression.

in dark predictions of zero and is considered a symbol of failure.If he appears in the date of birth, it is likely that the way a person does not meet one difficult obstacle.Even in October it can bring bad luck, even though it is ten months.The emergence of zero in the year of birth is also considered a symbol of the coming difficulties.If zero is included in any combination with another number, then softened his opposition.Those people who are in the zero date of birth, life will be more difficult to meet than those who do not have it.If the date of birth is present in several zeros, for example, October 10, 1970 or even 2000, you have to work throughout their lives more.

at zero contains all the numbers from 1 to 9. If nothing is connected to them, there is a new series of numbers.For example, attaching a zero to two, there is a new dozen numbers from 21 do29.The introduction of zero in everyday life has led to many laws, which allowed humanity to move forward in the technological world, but by itself does not represent a zero.

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