Work on the Internet: expectations and reality

Internet abounds with offers to earn money without leaving your computer.Many sites provide brokerage services for customers and performers.Online, you can write articles, counseling, perform tasks, sell, advertise, promote websites, programming and much more.However, most of the proposals is a recommendation to visit the resource and start making money on it.

Remote work via the Internet is real - it's a fact.Sort by unscrupulous customers and suspicious websites it is not very difficult, just read the reviews.But useful information about the operating principles, tips and advice too little.Many free and paid distribution and courses are earning, not learning someone.It turns out that users must not only comprehend the subtleties, but the basics of the Internet on their own.

reasons for this situation, consider the example of copyright.Daily bought thousands of articles and texts of different content.Find or sell orders can be articles on many exchanges.Jobs publicly available, but to understand how

to start easy.Appeal to the search engines, as a rule, does not give a positive result.The links lead to articles or posts on the forums where advertised any site or remote work painted charms.

As a result, a potential employee is in turmoil.Here it is: simple and essential work on the Internet without attachments.Only my reach.He had already decided what he wants to be engaged and eager to work.I Chose Exchange or find a customer, but does not understand how to approach.And it all is that the vast majority of the information is provided in order to attract users.And people do it far from the copyright.They seek not to teach, but to make money.

Experienced people who have written more than one hundred or one thousand articles are rarely interested in the affiliate program.Word - this is their bread and butter.The point is not that they may not want to share their secrets and best practices.Regular customers are not going anywhere, skills remain, but the real money on the Internet will remain the same.The fact is that, if someone on your site yet put an interesting article useful, it will not change anything.It is highly unlikely that such a text would be, at least in the first hundred search engine links.After all, it is necessary to promote the site, to register in directories, buy links, deal with internal and external optimization.This is a job for the web designer, not a copywriter.That is why there is such situation with the division of labor.And not only copyright but also in other areas of freelancing.

in a more advantageous position are those who are able to realize through the Internet already existing skills.Basically, it is the people who work on outsourcing: lawyers, economists, translators and journalists.But it is not all smooth.Find an employer through numerous boards and online labor exchange time-consuming task.It is necessary to monitor the job on dozens of sites, post and update resumes, conduct correspondence with potential employers.It's not one day.However, those who found work, understand the intricacies of relationships in the Internet, always happy.After freelancing - is not just a remote work, it's a lifestyle.