Do you know how much it costs to clear of the car from Germany?

It's no secret that the German automotive industry today occupies a leading position in the market, since Germany - is synonymous with reliability and quality.Vehicles produced in this superpragmatichnoy country are not only a high level of comfort, but also improve efficiency.For these reasons to buy a new model of a BMW or Volkswagen - is the ultimate dream for many Russian motorists.A

not go there for the car yourself?

It should be noted that the vast majority of our compatriots sent to Germany specifically there to buy a "iron horse."

Thus, they decide on how to clear of the car less: we all know that when you make a machine to a physical person, you can save on VAT, the amount of which is 18% of the customs duty.However, this is not the only way to reduce the costs of the procedure are produced at the intersection of goods across borders.This is what we pogovrit below.

Either way, many Koreans are interested in the question of how much it costs to clear of the car from Germany.At the same time a large number of Russians, this procedure is extremely negative emotions.This fact is quite simple to explain: accrued enough "rather big tax", despite the opportunity to save on VAT.

What you should know

Those who are concerned about how much it costs to clear of the car from Germany should be aware that the fitting "iron horse" should be registered in the German state.Naturally, it is necessary to have a written confirmation, which also allow for the customs procedures.

you break your head over how much it costs to clear of the car from Germany?Note: If it is determined that the vehicle had been brought more than 10 years, the execution of the above procedure is impossible.In Russia there is a ban on the customs clearance of old cars.Keep this in mind when purchasing.

The position of the authorities of individual comments and clarification is not necessary: ​​"In our country, and without a lot of cars belonging to the category of second-hand, and all this has a negative effect on the movement."


Before answering the question of how much it costs to clear of the car from Germany, we list what documents must be submitted to government agencies that they have made the procedure itself.The list is quite small:

a) the registration certificate;

b) a document certifying that the car drove from Germany;

c) a certificate of deregistration;

c) Proof of purchase of cars, certified in Germany (sales contract).

Before presenting the above package securities, you have to fill out a declaration in which they recorded all the information about the car purchased.If you have any benefits relating to the implementation of customs procedures, and do not forget to provide them.

Factors affecting the cost of customs clearance cars

And now focus on the factors that influence the cost of the procedure.

  • Firstly, the price of customs clearance cars from Germany, depends on the size of the engine: the higher, the more expensive the process will cost.

Remember that the size of the excise duty does not exceed 10% of the amount you paid for the German car.Thus, the price of the machine is also important.

  • Second, the cost of customs procedures determine the age of the "iron horse".Want to save?Then buy a vehicle not more than five years.If your choice falls on the old car, you'll have to fork out for the payment of the tax will take a tidy sum.
  • Third, the size of the customs duties affects what kind of fuel is used in the products you purchase "of the Germans."At the same time lawmakers have created a fairly simple rule: "The black smoke, the greater should be the cost of customs clearance of the vehicle."

In addition to this it should be noted that if government agencies consider that the exclusive car is a threat to the environment, the customs procedure in respect of it will not be made at all.

Consider the calculation of the cost of customs duties on a concrete example

We purchased a car Volkswagen Polo 1.6 TDI DPF Team (Klima Einparkhilfe) for the 9000 euro.It made it in 2010.Displacement of 1598 cc.centimeters.

Under the existing in our country, the rates for the car with the above parameter set Motor payment of 2.5 euros per 1 cu.centimeter.

We need to multiply the amount of 2.5 euros per cubic meter of the engine.By simple calculations (2.5 x 1598), we obtain a sum equal to 3,995 euros or, in terms of our domestic currency 183 770 rubles.This will be the amount of customs duties.But that's not all the costs.These are the measures of so-called "non-tariff regulation."

German car owner must pay the recycling fee of 3,000 rubles, the cost of the certificate of Euro 5, which also will cost 3000 rubles.If the car is more than 4 years, before receiving the above document, the machine will need to be specially modified, and it will require additional costs in the amount of 15 000 rubles.In addition, the characteristics of the purchased cars must comply with the regulations "On Safety of Wheeled Vehicle."If this issue is not all right, then his decision would also require material expenditures.Well, going "its own power" abroad, do not forget about the cost of transport services.Also remember that in the case of customs brokers help their work will also need to pay.

Thus, only after a detailed analysis of the estimates can make a final decision on the question: "Is cheaper to buy a car, if it is to drive yourself from abroad?"


fairness it should be noted that customs clearance of a new car in Germany today is not so easy.BMW owners will have to spend a lot of time trying to settle all the formalities related to the passage of goods across the state border.That is why advance should explore all the subtleties and nuances of customs procedures.Do not be amiss to use the services of a professional lawyer, who will tell you how to do everything with the least loss of time and money.

You can also take the help of a customs broker, who will conduct all necessary work quickly and competently.