Technology wireless network access.

technology known as wimax, started to introduce in 2000.At the time, hardly anyone imagined what wimax.For its time, this data transfer standard was very innovative in the background 3g-network.Distribution substandards advanced began in Sweden in 2009.

In early 2001, the IT engineers are engaged in improving the technology.Building a network wimax-regulated division of receiving and transmitting information to the users of wired and mobile communications.First built communication wimax were designed and tried in Quebec City (Canada).

Nowadays hi-tech-industry and mobile telephony, in particular, already allow the use of this standard is more active.To compete with each other, suppliers of Internet connections tend to keep users affordable prices and good quality communication.The base station wimax (cover) at the same time should cover specific regional area

It uses cutting-edge developments in the field of network communications.One such important and innovative developments can be considered a

s a new format of the network 4g.It has already been successfully introduced in western Europe.A similar communication standard is also planning to develop in the CIS.

network protocol 4G.Description.Technical parameters

Communication 4G and its further modifications related to the fourth generation.Wimax standard provides data transfer at a high quality level, including voice.All of this was done by means of so-called VoIP telephony.

transfer rate on the protocol of about 100 Mbit / s for mobile users and about 1 Gbit / s for subscribers of the fixed network 4G.

There are several communication protocols to 4g.What is wimax-protocol?The first standard network is classified as LTE-Advanced.Another semi-qualifier this technology uses to bind to the format of Wimax.

Some disadvantages of this technology

Despite the increasing popularity of the format 4g, he is there are certain shortcomings.For example, in urban buildings due to external concrete coating captured signal it is not entirely clear.Therefore, to create a well-capturable, high-quality and stable connection, the provider must have a stable coating wimax.

What wimax in Russia and how to take advantage of this network

To use wimax network and become a subscriber of the service provider, you will need:

- laptop or desktop computer with network module with support wimax;

- external router - 4g signal amplifier and router transmitted / received information

signed a contract with the provider and get a set of necessary devices for communication can be in the regional center service provider, or to order the service from a dealer.

cost and especially the tariffs are usually represented on the company's website.When selecting equipment, it is desirable to use the 4G LTE-modem.Connecting the device via the connector usb, then all the necessary software is installed automatically.After registration, you can start using the Internet access network-based wimax.

Register on the official resources of the company include the selection of certain services, which will be the base for the client of this firm.

What wimax-device logos

Any equipment with the image of the logo can be switched with a compatible modem from the relevant company.This allows the use 4g internet, they say, at full capacity.

Gain reception

Since the implementation of wimax is not so common, sometimes there is a decline of speed due to poor signal quality of the antenna.To solve this problem will need additional antenna, serving as a power amplifier or signal extension cable modem.