How to change the passport in 45 years - step by step guide

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Today, every person who has attained the age of forty-five, is obliged to exchange your new passport.But not everyone knows how to do it.So before you change the passport in 45 years, it is necessary to clarify all the details of the process with the relevant authorities.


Not everyone knows in what age should my passport.As a result of this there are situations with a fine.Typically, this type of document sharing laws of the Russian Federation provide for a rather long time, which is limited to thirty days from the occurrence of a certain age.Everyone knows that the first passport of the citizen of the country receives in fourteen years, but that does not mean that the document would be valid throughout life.

worth noting that my passport is necessary only twice, namely at the age of twenty and forty-five years after reaching the age.

That occurred after the last exchange of such an event can be forgotten forever.As for penalties, they can not apply for the period of one month after the twentieth or forty fifth birthday.Therefore, we can safely go to other towns and regions.But in the case of delayed application and documents may be subject to penalties that hit the pocket.So it's best to find out how to change the passport in 45 years.In another city to do it or not, you decide.

Instructions exchange

to exchange passport, you must pass all the documents that is needed for this event.Run this process should be within one month from the date of the onset of the age of forty-five (preferably in advance).It should be noted that the documents prepared by the lodge is best to specialized territorial authorities.This is due to the fact that it will be possible to avoid any unpleasant situations that may arise during the process.So do not look for the World Wide Web for ways to change the passport in 45 years on the Internet.

It was during a personal visit to an institution employee who is responsible for such an event, will be able to check the quality of the pictures and compare them with the original.In addition, thanks to the personal delivery of documents to the specialized bodies can be sure that you have all official documents that are needed for the replacement passport.Also, during a visit to an institution will be announced the date of obtaining a new identity document.It should be noted that after the date of the passport to replace the need to get an official paper, which confirms the execution of the process.But it will give only if all the documents are drawn up according to the requirements.So before you change the passport in 45 years, all you need to carefully check.

Key documents

With regard to the exchange of documents on the passport when the forty-five years of age, their list is quite large.Among the most important are the following securities:
- Application for exchange of passports.This form can be filled manually or on a computer, but you need to take it in the original.It should be noted that the signature of the applicant in person must leave.
- Receipt of payment of state fees.Once the documents will be put back, it will not be returned.So it's best to make a copy, and the original is included in the package for the replacement passport.
- Old passport.This document is also not refundable.
- Photographs (at least two pieces).Their size must comply with the requirements.

Such documents need to gather before you change the passport in 45 years.

Supporting documents for the exchange

addition to the main there are other types of securities, which it is desired to produce the replacement passport.It is best to provide specialized bodies all the documents necessary for putting the respective marks on identity cards of this type.It is worth noting that such official papers after replacing the passports would be returned to the rightful owner.So do not make them up before you change the passport in 45 years.Among these documents may need the following:

- military ID;
- marriage certificate;
- birth certificates of children who have not attained the age of fourteen;
- form of divorce.

addition, if you can provide the document confirming registration at the place of actual residence.

process validation

Once the documents will be handed over to the relevant authorities, they should check the head of division.Also involved are the departments that deal with operational and investigative work.In the event of any improbable data or forged documents an event on registration of a new passport can significantly delayed.This is due to the fact that a thorough check is carried out, whereby the maximum will be set up human personality.It should be noted that this process may be delayed, and if it takes place in a different village.For this reason, before traveling from his native city, you need to specify how to change the passport in 45 years is not at his residence.

If violations during the inspection is not found, then the applicant is issued a new passport sample.

terms and cost of registration

Many believe that to change the passport at the age of forty-five offensive - a long and expensive task.But in fact, this view is mistaken.After the service itself on the replacement of this type of document considered to be free.Therefore, the applicant can afford it does not push forward.The only thing that will need to pay this stamp duty.As a rule, the rate of payment is slightly different depending on the area in which the activity is held.

As for the terms, they may also be different.It plays an important role the place where there is a replacement passport.So, if such a procedure is done at his residence, it can take up to ten days.But if a change takes place in the capital of Russia, there is a passport to last up to two months.So before you change the passport in 45 years in Moscow, you need to carefully calculate all the time.

replacement passport without a registration

In the case where the applicant has no residence permit, it is best to contact the passport and visa service, which is located at the place of actual residence.For documents, you will need to provide the basic package.After that service workers carried out a consultation on the timing and how to change the passport in 45 years, if there is no registration.

is worth noting that the period of registration of the document in such cases up to two months.But it's better than paying the penalty for delay.

Completion of the replacement of the passport applicant

issued passport of the Russian Federation, which has all the necessary records and stamps.Also, noted in the document database.Such procedure will allow to forget about the exchange of passports.It is worth mentioning that all the old records that were listed under the previous document are removed from the registers and registers.