The coat of arms of Omsk - a reflection of the country's history

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In the symbolism of the coat of arms of Omsk as a mirror reflects the history of our country.The ancient city, established in 1716, remembers the Empress Catherine the Great, under whose decrees and approved the first official symbol of the city in 1785.In order to streamline the administrative system Ekaterina ordered to assign the emblem of the city, playing a significant role in the country's economy and geopolitics.So, in the same year came Letters patent, which approved status as a district of the city of Omsk.

history of the coat of arms of Omsk

The top of the emblem is the golden pyramid - a symbol of success and wealth.It is located on a blue background, which symbolizes the confluence of Om and Irtysh.The pyramid is decorated with military symbolism: Downhill banners, halberds and drums - signs of valor and glory.Siberian city sometimes had to win at the recalcitrant khans.At the bottom of the gray fort itself depicts an orange color as the strengthening of the Russian state in Siberia.Heraldic shield illustrious French form - the most common in the Russian heraldry.Type Emblem, separated by a horizontal stripe on the two colors is the intersection.It is this form and characterize the type of coat of arms of Omsk.This symbol lasted long enough.In 1973, it was approved by the newly emblem, which showed the industrial power of the city.Interestingly, the official symbol of the imperial preserved for a long time in the Soviet period, despite the fact that the red flags and emblems halberd could be enemies of Soviet power, the city that housed the Supreme ruler of Russia during the years of bloody civil war - Kolchak.

During Soviet

Soviet heraldic symbol portrayed the wealth of the city: the development of industry (cog in the center of the emblem), a rich Siberian land, giving a bountiful harvest (golden ears intertwined with gear), a high level of development of science petrochemicals (flask filled with oil).The coat of arms contains the date of creation of the city, the name and location of the ancient fortress, located at the confluence of the rivers.

attempt to create a new arms

While increased interest in the country's history and its active review was a new coat of arms of Omsk.It was approved in 1995.French shield topped with a crown, divided into four parts cross the yellow, which means a middle position of the city in relation to the East-West and North-South.Blue ribbon symbolizes the river edge.At the base of the cross is a diagram of an ancient fortress of Omsk.Inside the fortress symbol of the Trans-Siberian Railway.Heraldic shield surrounded by a laurel wreath, which is interlaced with a red ribbon - the symbol of victory and glory.

in 2002 was an attempt to restore the imperial coat of arms, but it was not entered in the register of Russian heraldry.Repeatedly, until 2007, attempts were made to upgrade and modify the character as a result of the coat of arms has changed radically.

Description Innovation

decision of the City Council from 04.16.2014 № 221, the new coat of arms was established in Omsk.Description pretentious reads: "In the field of silver rises scarlet MUROVANA black wall with a small but clearly visible triangular bastions.The very pretentious shield crowned with a golden crown on the tower equivalent of five teeth, adjusted surrounded by hoop Zlata laurel wreath, and framed in the top ribbon of the Order of Red Banner of Labor.Originality and Supporters: Fusilier regiments of infantry times of Peter the Great and the Siberian Cossack uniforms and equipment in the second half of the XVIII century.Foot: green earth, generously covered with grass and silver feather.Motto: "aforesaid is the main fortress" scarlet letters inscribed on poserebryanoy tape. "

possible new options?

amazing impression of the viewer creates the coat of arms of the city of Omsk.Photos of the most diverse character.You can even find options that were considered as projects were not approved.However, the last picture heraldic symbol is, to put it mildly.The main emphasis is put on the fortress, which is a new emblem takes the central part of the picture.It is understood that when Catherine II was the advantage and merit of the city - an outpost in the Siberian kingdom.Why modern compilers decided to perpetuate this long-obsolete advantage - it is unknown.Typically, citizens drew on his coat of arms features or any benefits.If you study the history of the city is replaced by each other's symbols, you can easily see how changing its value, lost services.Now it's just a fortress, the main Catherine the Great, does not particularly stand out on the background of the Siberian taiga.The rich historical heritage is lost for the sake of the unity of the bureaucratic style.Besides Omsk coat may be used as a shield.Then it turns very sad picture a single red stripe across a white background, it is not known whence undertaken, and for some unknown reason appeared.Criticism of the new symbol of Omsk may force officials to review it and get back to the first coat of arms bestowed upon Catherine II.It will emphasize the historical advantage of the city and return to it a veil of invincibility and hills.