Empowerment - is about empowering

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There are some concepts that are themselves difficult to describe.They get real specific meaning in a practical application.This is the concept of "empowerment".It is a term which describes the abstract that concrete examples becomes real tough practice.Let's deal.

meaning of the word "empowerment"

If you delve into the dictionary, you will find there is an understandable explanation.For example, the authority - a right granted to another person.Either the power that is vested one third.That is, we are dealing with a phenomenon when people pass on their opportunities to those who they supposedly deserve it.In addition, the third time this authority is vested, it is assumed that it has the ability to implement it in practice.Difficult to get a description.Look, we have citizens, individuals, organizations, and so on.Each of them has the right, can participate in the decision-making power, only the these "privileges" does not enjoy.Does not want?Rather, it has no chance.For example, for the implementation of state power need a lot of conditions: power means control mechanisms.But according to the Constitution is the right of the people!How to implement it?A special body receiving state powers.They are carried out in practice and what people should do in accordance with the Basic Law.

Example 1: lawsuits

To better understand the meaning of the term under review, let's look at some examples.Imagine that there is a lawsuit.It participates in it, usually two sides.Let this be a citizen and organization.So, the last who should represent?Usually - lawyer, director, representative of the administration.In order to prove their right to speak on behalf of, a person shall submit to the court a power of attorney, confirming his powers.This document is a special form issued, usually on one process.It turns out that in this case the authority - is the empowerment of the entire organization on whose behalf the expert speaks.There is no need to consider it a special privilege.The representative shall have not only and not so much rights as responsibilities of the situation.And he acts in the interests of their
company, with all the negative consequences that can bring the process to her.

Example 2: Election

There is another way to understand what empowerment.This is due to the need to remember, and that is essentially the elections.When there is a vote, for example, members of the local congregation, every citizen expresses his confidence in a particular individual.Votes cast, brought out the winners and so on.And in fact we do not choose deputies.People like the Constitutional people give their authority to address local government issues or specific individuals.It turns out that the deputy, who won the election, have received from the people of the masses, which was behind him.Now he has the right to speak on their behalf.All he will do as an MP, he will make on behalf of their electorate.


Analyzing the meaning of the term "proxy" against the will come to the conclusion that this is not a joke question.Since the power is transmitted to a certain person (entity), then with her and transferred responsibility.Whether it's a private lawsuit or a plebiscite, anyone who is the source of authority (national) must realize that in choosing who he gives them.That is the responsibility of a double-edged.If you put your trust paralegals will get a fine or term.And if people would vote for the false leader, can with their hands (the ballots) collapse of the state, to go to war and so on.Conclusion: it is necessary to think, whom we shall have the power.