A short frenulum men

fairly common problem in men is short bridle on the penis.Bridle (skin fold) is at the bottom of the glans penis, and lies between the foreskin and the external opening of the urethra.

Normal bridle men elastic and painless during erection.If, during erection present discomfort, pain, head downward curvature caused by strong tension bridle, you should consult a urologist.

Typically, this problem can be found in the teen years, but because of shyness and distrust of adults boys conceal it.Well, if the school held the annual medical examination of adolescents surgeon who discover abnormal bridles on the penis, will give direction to the treatment (surgery).Otherwise, the boy, as an adult, could face more significant problems in sex, and he may develop an inferiority complex and psychological problems.

short frenulum in men can cause:

  • violations of sexual intercourse because of pain;
  • early ejaculation;
  • impotence;
  • fear of sexual relations with a partner that will lead eventually to the psychological discomfort;
  • gap itself bridle during sexual intercourse or masturbation, which is accompanied by severe pain and heavy bleeding that is difficult to stop.If you do not seek after such an injury to the doctor, then subsequent sexual acts fractures may recur.Formed ugly painful scars.

What if bridle men short?

First, consult your doctor without waiting for the negative developments.Many medical centers specializing in plastic surgery, associated with the extension of short frenulum.Frenotomy - an operation to cross frenotomy a depth of 5 mm.The edges of the wound sutured 2-3 sutures.Bridle men lengthened by longitudinal lines joints.If there are bridle scars from past ruptures, they are excised and sutured.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia obligatory and lasts 10 to 30 minutes, after which the patient can go home.In general the bandage is not applied, the stitches scar quickly, without causing further inconvenience.Sexually active patient can no earlier than a month.It is advisable at the first sexual intercourse after the operation to use a lubricant or condom.

Innovations in plastic bridle on the penis

short frenulum men can be extended by using special radio wave scalpels.The use of such radioskalpelya allows you to perform the surgery more precisely, without damaging the surrounding tissue and causing severe bleeding.The risk of postoperative complications significantly reduced.It provides good therapeutic and cosmetic effects.But professionals do not always agree with the expediency of using this method.According to them, short frenulum men lengthened best traditional surgery - frenotomy.

Most importantly, men who have a problem short frenulum, should not delay its decision.After surgery disappear unpleasant pain during erection and sexual intercourse.