What is the boundary of the site and how to spend it

Surely those who have their own land, they know what the boundary.In this article we consider in detail the process for what it is necessary and who should carry out.

What is the boundary areas

In fact, this process is the definition of the boundaries of the land plot on the horizontal plane.This procedure was known in Russia, then for the first time began to be referred to HOAR book, which described the border lands.Carrying out surveying in modern conditions is the number of engineering and surveying services, and include the establishment and consolidation of the borders of the plane, the definition of the area and its location.The result shall be documented and certified by the legal entity.Closely related to surveying concepts such as cadastral passport of the land and cadastral registration.In the first case it is a document which is issued in the prescribed form and contains all the data about the property.This is necessary in order to obtain state registration of ownership.Cadastral registration is entering all the data of land in the state register of real estate.

Ongoing work to understand what the land surveying, it is important to know what activities should be carried out at the same time.According to the contract on carrying out of land surveying, the relevant authorities must comply with the following list of works:

1. Organization of work on the definition of the boundaries of the object.Held in conjunction with the owner of the property.At the same time on the ground fixed boundary marks, performed geodetic measurements (it is necessary to determine the coordinates of landmarks).

2. The calculation of the area of ​​land tenure according to the obtained measurements.Most often, the result is not the same information that is in the certificate.If you are the owner of the site, according to the Federal Law №93, you have the right to specify his area.

3. Prepare certificate matching the border area.Before you write a document, it is necessary to agree on the boundaries of their possessions with their neighbors and to hold together measure.This will greatly facilitate your life and possibly save you from long-term trials.An important point: in the event that a neighbor has already conducted preliminary survey and agreed on its border with you, a second procedure is not required.The border is considered to be consistent, its details are included in a single real estate cadastre.It should also be noted that such actions are allowed to those who work at the material time is set right on the property.

4. Prepare boundary plan for subsequent submission to the cadastral chamber.

Who should carry out work on surveying

If you have understood the question "What is surveying", it is important to know who has to do it.The procedure should be carried out jointly with specialists of land management, geodesy and jurisprudence.This service provide design and survey department of the Russian Real Estate.Also, it can provide natural or legal persons who are eligible for mapping and surveying activities.Sometimes it is necessary to conduct surveying quarter, in this case, customers are all the residents living in its territory.

How long does the survey

Sometimes an urgent need to define the boundaries of the land, but keep in mind that this survey is not carried out as quickly as we would like.As a rule, the work took a few days, it all depends on the size and location of land ownership.In addition, the fact that the issue survey plans also take a few days.If there is a need to harmonize the boundaries with adjacent areas, the waiting time has increased.To accelerate the approval procedure will allow individual boundaries with every neighbor.If you are unable to contact them, help a newspaper advertisement.According to the law, from the date of publication of the announcement until the date of the meeting on the coordination of the borders must be at least 30 days.Total for all the work will take 2-3 months.


Typically, after surveying the property owner receives a plan in duplicate.One, he has to leave himself, and the second - to submit to the bodies of cadastral registration.It is important to cherish survey plans, as he may need in the event of disputes and litigation.

We hope that after reading the above information, the question of what is surveying the land, not will drive you into a dead end, and you can easily give him a detailed answer.For some, such a procedure may seem useless process, but imagine that your neighbor stubbornly arrogant claim to a meter along the common border!It is from such unpleasant cases protects us survey plans.A mezhevat or mezhevat - this is purely a personal matter landowner.