It allowed the work in the "McDonald's" with 16 years?

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many teenagers are interested in what age are allowed to work in the "McDonald's": 16 years of age or any other age.

What does the law say?

In each state there are certain laws that govern the labor relations of citizens.In our country it is the Labour Code.It has a separate chapter number 11, which is devoted to the conclusion of any employment contract.For those interested, whether lawful to work in the "McDonald's" with the 16 years, you should carefully read the article 63. It will provide detailed information about this.It specifically states that the citizens of Russia allowed any work activity (including work in the "McDonald's") to 16 years.This limit may be lowered for a year, even if the person is trained (not full time) in the framework of a comprehensive program.If one of the parents give consent, then work on the job training and causing any harm teens may already fourteen.But there are also cases where, for example, in the arts (circus, theater or cinema) simply requires the participation of very young children.Then, with the permission of the guardianship agreement signed by the parents or guardians of the child.But if a teenager is interested in the work in the "McDonalds", 16 years old, he can afford it.

Who to be?

What is the easiest way to officially earn their own money for a teenager?It is the work of "McDonalds".With 16 years of vacancy, of course, not all will be available.Of course, the employer does not take the child to an accountant.But there are responsibilities that at that age a person could easily carry.For example, cooking food in the kitchen, the service of visitors, as well as the maintenance of order in the premises and the surrounding area.It all depends on the interests and abilities of the child.If he likes to do something with their hands, the work in the kitchen to give him a real pleasure.And those who like to live communication, will be able to work well with clients.In this case, the law establishes a slight limitation:

  • shift length should not exceed the established norm;
  • work should not be associated with dangerous or hazardous working conditions;
  • teenager can not hold the position, which includes the signing of a liability.

The rest of the law does not prohibit young people to self-realization.

work in the capital

Thirty seven cities of the Russian Federation wishing to provide work "McDonald's" with 16 years.Moscow on this issue - is no exception.It was here in 1990 was opened the first cafe of the network.Why did the youth go to work in catering?The answer to this question lies, strangely enough, in wages.Every year, the statistical office and public activists scrutinize wages of different sectors of the population.The current situation in the capital is as follows, which is less likely, not including pensioners, workers get it, "McDonald's."They earn in a month, on average about 45 thousand rubles.When the Russian province is an acceptable amount, for Muscovites - poverty.Of course, to earn a lot of money, it is necessary to have a university degree and a minimum length of service.In extreme cases are rare or in demand profession.A fry semi-finished and clear the table - this is usually the lot of pensioners, teenagers and younger students.

opinions from

For many young people enter the workforce in the way was the work of "McDonald's" with 16 years.Feedback from those who have experienced it for yourself, sometimes significantly different.Someone thinks that 150 rubles per hour receive unworthily, for the money do not spend their free time.But teenagers go to work in order to become independent and gain financial independence.A 25 000-30 000 per month for a student - a good support.In addition, some children forced to work due to lack of money in the family, or to pay for their own training.There can not be choosers.Yes and education at this age does not allow the claim to high office.Of course, in the case of an adult, the kind of work, for example, will not allow a family.If the student or the student is not satisfied with such a salary, so he did not really need the money, he can come to terms with their situation.For the rest of the door, "McDonald's" is always open.