What is the name of love.

What is the name of love?That is the issue we dedicate today's article.Note that this name became narekat Slavic girls for a long time.And there is an assumption that it came to us from ancient Greece, where the fairer sex was called Agapius, that is love.But this is only one version.After all, today there are many other assumptions, where did this name.It should also be noted that different girls who be named in this way, and have a completely different character traits.

Love - Russian name?

According to one version, the name is borrowed from the Old Slavonic language where it came from ancient Greece.What is the name of love?In this case, a symbol naming a large and bright feeling, which wants to comprehend absolutely everyone.Moreover, on hearing this name, people could not help starting to smile a little Lyubochka.

Childhood girl

Find out what the Slavic name of love, it should be noted that such naming makes little girls were kind and loved by all.She did not have to exert much effort to the right moment to attract the attention of people around and arrange them yourself.Externally, these girls are charming, playful and already in childhood a little flirtatious.In the relationship with the mother and father Lyubochka good and compassionate.However, these qualities are only superficial.

girl named Love and flexible in situations of conflict can concede, but only up to a certain limit.At school, a child learns not very good, because he can not focus on a specific task.Bad evaluation do not spoil the mood of the girl, because she feels that her future position in society does not depend on them.

Even as a schoolgirl, Luba tries to visit beauty salons, do yourself a make-up, hair and choose beautiful clothes.With regard to home affairs, the housekeeping she is just bored.

choice of profession

girl named Love tries to choose a profession that is not associated with high responsibility and the need to take a very important and serious decisions.Employment of the fair sex to be slow, requires painstaking and meticulous.The ideal situation would be for the Love of the position of pharmacist, librarian, Manicurist, etc... However it should be noted that girls born in the spring or summer months, often sociable and artistic.In this case, they are encouraged to pay attention to the job in insurance and advertising companies.


Women Love the name speaks for itself.After this the fair sex from an early age surrounded by fans.Hand and heart to her offer so many men - and it is considerably difficult to choose a life partner.Often, to do it right, Luba refers to fortune-tellers and horoscopes.The increased interest in occult sciences such women persists up to adulthood.Moreover, they often try to treat their loved ones unconventional methods.These classes feed Luba thought that she was an extraordinary personality.But this fact could adversely affect the relationship with her husband.

Despite the fact that these women are charming, playful and sexy, and they have male qualities such as a strong will, a keen mind and a strong ambition.They really like to win in the discussions, or to succeed in work.Hence the conflict of their character, which often interferes with personal life.In addition, for a woman totally irrelevant general worship.The main thing for it - is the recognition of a single man who would be her chosen.

Usually, the first marriages of girls fragile.However, the good and charming by nature Lyubochka long remain in solitude.Furthermore, trauma-accommodating and make them true.

In adulthood, these women are quite economic and do everything to make their man happy to return home.This Love is extremely jealous, although carefully it hides.

Choice husband

That is the name of Love, you've learned a little higher.In this section, I want to tell you exactly how the girl with the sensual name conquers the hearts of men.

Lyuba is so charming and sweet, that is able to fairly quickly to win a man.During the communication with the opposite sex, it is easy and did not think about what to say next.After Lyubochka, especially the "spring", artistic and have an enviable sense of humor.

should be noted that these girls prefer to communicate only with a highly intelligent young people.For them, they learn to be as smart and successful.

Luba most often marry a military man or a man who serves the security.After the wedding, the birth of children and the main value of women's well-being becomes a family.But often defers Love housework for work that brings her a large income.After all, having material wealth, she feels secure and no one is independent.

lot of time Luba primarily devotes himself, and only then children and husband.Such quality of her character, as well as excessive love "chat" with friends very often lead to conflict situations in the family.

most successful marriage of these women formed with Alexander Alexeyev, Yuri, Victor, Gennady, Constantine and Gleb.With regard to the complex and intricate relationships they may have with Stanislav Borisov, Ruslan, Igor and Ignat.


What is the name of love?The answer though we gave up, but however it is necessary to note once again that women who are named according to the name, it is completely justified - like yourself, and loved ones are too.They really are very sensitive, all loved and adored just other people.But not all so simple.After all, if a submitted name Love is positioning these girls like romantic, gentle and affectionate, outwardly they look exactly the opposite.After all, even at a young age Lyubochka tend to dress up and color.Most of these women do not choose an easy and romantic style, and the image of the fatal lady even said vamp.To do this, they acquire only fashionable clothes and emphasize the shape of bright colors.As for makeup, then to love, he is very important.It never appears in public without makeup.

Features Luba

Kindness and charm of women combined with introversion, measured, melancholic and subordination natural rhythms.Furthermore, Love is capable of self-sacrifice.Its unobtrusive pursuit of justice and truth often make it brutal.

Suitable derivatives and patronymic names

Such a perfect name following name: S., A., V., Igorevna Naumovna, A., Alekseyevna, P., P., Andreevna and others.It should be noted that the largest number of Lyubov derived names.These include such as Lyubava, Lyubaha, Luban, Ljubasha, Lucy, Lyubusya, Busia, Lyubusha and so on.Such derivatives are used at home parents towards their little girls.As for social life, it is often simply called Love or Any Lyuba.

Name day

the Christian calendar Luba name day celebrated on September 30.It is in this day holy martyr love with his sister of hope and faith were beheaded in the sight of his mother after a long and painful torture for Christ.

Other information

Most often this name be named girls born under the sign of Libra.After all, the "Autumn" Love grows purposeful person with a great sense of humor.Thanks to these qualities Luba quickly rise through the ranks and occupy leadership positions.In addition, women born in September or October, can become good lawyers or economists.But for all his intelligence, "Autumn" Love is not jealous, and off to gossip or discuss the appearance of a new employee.

Luba Planet is Saturn, stone-talisman or amulet - lapis lazuli.Success in business and personal life she brings a deep blue color.Suitable wood for love - linden, and cherished plant - lovage.As for the patron saint of this name, it is a praying mantis.