Moving time: Is it real?

With the advent of the literature of this genre like science fiction novel (and later with the development of cinema), has received great popularity theme of time travel.For example, the heroes of the trilogy of George Lucas' Back to the Future, "the movement is carried out in time, interfering in the course of certain events, thus changing their lives and the lives of their loved ones.Agree, this is quite an exciting idea.After all, you can not only fix the mistakes of the past, but to learn the truth about certain periods of the history of our planet.You can meet and personally meet with prominent personalities, such as Aristotle or Omar Khayyam.You can try to save from fire the Library of Alexandria, and some even try to stop Adolf Hitler to become the leader of Germany and so on.No less fascinating can be a journey into the future ... Fantasy fiction, and whether time travel really?And, if so, whether all available such pleasure?However, the pleasure of it?In this article we try to figure out how close the scientists close to creating the proverbial time machine.It seems that we have not sinned against the truth, if we dare to suggest that such attempts have taken place, and more than once.And in order to convince readers that the impossible is possible, consider the facts of time travel, recorded in world history.

Philadelphia Experiment

This case could be called the first officially recorded instances in which there was movement in space and time, if not for one thing.US government to classify all the materials of the case, moreover, even denies the fact of the experiment itself.Nevertheless, the information about it leaks to the media, and even Hollywood movies were filmed about those events.

Let's briefly look at this scientific experiment.The events described took place October 28, 1943 in the military port of Philadelphia.In beach destroyer (DE 173, better known as USSEldridge) was established several electromagnetic generators.It was assumed that the said equipment will generate enormous electromagnetic field that will cause bending of radio and light waves around a destroyer that will make it invisible.After switching on the generators ship supposedly enveloped greenish fog, after which the ship itself and the fog began to dissolve and disappear completely.A few minutes later there was a destroyer in the same place, but later it became known that at the time of his disappearance in the place of the experiment (Philadelphia), he appeared and then disappeared in the place of his home at the docks in Norfolk (Virginia).He supervised the project is none other than Albert Einstein.It is believed that the scientist through his generators made a hole in space and time.He was so impressed with the results that have burned all his notes on the experiment and said that humanity is not yet ready to use this kind of power.

results of the investigation "Philadelphia Experiment»

Despite the fact that the visible part is successful, the results were disastrous.Of the 181 crew members of the ship, only 21 (!) People returned unharmed.It turned out that most of them became insane, some sailors have disappeared, and their fate remained unknown.But the most mysterious and terrible that five people were like "fusing" in the metal structure of the vessel.Many of the "returnees" were severe burns, from which they died a few hours later.Project participants were told that they were in other, apparently, a parallel world in which they observed the obscure creatures.That had such a strong impact on their psyche.Half of the surviving officers and members of the team were completely insane, most of them ended their days in a psychiatric hospital.With one of the members of the experiment occurred do not understand the case, he in front of his wife and child went through the wall of his apartment, and since then no one has seen.

not surprising that the US government did not dare to publicize these results.That is what can result jokes with time.Before turning to the modern vision of the scientists of this issue, consider the case of time travel, which were committed in different periods of our history.

facts without explanation

Despite the rapid development of all branches of science, to date there is no evidence that time travel is real.However, to prove the opposite, too, no one can.However, in the history of mankind has accumulated a lot of unexplained facts that make us think and assume that time travel is possible.Such cases are described even in the annals of the Pharaonic era and the Middle Ages.These facts continue to accumulate in our days.Not to be unfounded, let's look at some of them.

cases of displacement in time

This story took place in August 1897 in the Siberian town of Tobolsk.He was arrested a man by the name of Krapivin, who has a very bizarre behavior and appearance.He was taken to the police station and held an interrogation, the results of which quite surprised investigators.And there was nothing to be surprised!The man claimed that he was born in 1965 in Angarsk, and working as an operator PC.Man of Mystery could not explain how he appeared in Tobolsk, he said, he felt a severe headache and lost consciousness.When he awoke, he saw an unfamiliar town.A doctor was called, he was diagnosed with "mild breakdown," and the man was sent to an insane asylum.

history of Soviet aviation

There is other evidence of time travel.Here are a couple of them:

1. In 1976, the Soviet pilot V. Orlov said that during the flight on the MiG-25 he saw on the ground carried out military operations.According to the description of the pilot, that he was an eyewitness to the battle that took place near Gettysburg in 1863.It should be noted that the Soviet military, in contrast to their American counterparts, have always been restrained in such statements, because such information could put an end to their career.

2. In 1986, a similar situation occurred with another Soviet pilot - A. Ustimova.During the assignment, he found himself on the ... Ancient Egypt.According to him, he saw that one pyramid was built completely, and a number of other foundations were located near where people swarmed.

And they say foreign pilots?

In 1985, NATO pilot while flying over Africa noticed that beneath it extends not desert, savannah and enormous with large trees.And he allegedly saw dinosaurs, which were grazing peacefully on the lawns.Shortly the vision disappeared.

Another American aviator (again NATO) said that in May 1999, while flying over Germany, he saw a group of fighters closing in on him.All the aircraft were some unusual.Approaching closer, the pilot found in them the German Messerschmitt.While Americans wondered what it take, there was a Soviet fighter, attack the enemy.Shortly the vision disappeared.

such facts (failures in time) could result in a lot, but they also do not prove anything.Now let's look at the examples that tell about the journey into the future.

aliens from the past in a modern war

In 1944, during the fighting on the territory of Estonia, near the Gulf of Finland Tank intelligence battalion of Soviet troops under the command of Troshina encountered a group of horsemen dressed in vintage form.Recently at the sight of tanks took to their heels.As a result of the persecution managed to detain one fugitive, who was taken to the headquarters.To express himself in French cavalry.Our not taken aback, quickly found an interpreter and the man was questioned.He argued that a cuirassier French army commanded by Napoleon.The remains of his body trying to get out of the environment after the retreat from Moscow.In addition, the soldiers claimed to have been born in 1772.The further fate of the trooper is not known, since he was taken away by a special department.

following fact of time travel takes us to the 80 years of the 20th century.Diesel submarine naval forces of the USSR under the command of captain second rank I. Zalygin a result of the storm was forced to make an emergency ascent off the coast of Sakhalin.Officer of the watch captain reported that the course is directly watercraft, which proved a rescue boat.It was discovered by a man in military uniform Japanese sailor during World War II.During the search he found the documents issued in 1940.The incident was reported to the staff, the captain was ordered to follow in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where detainees handed over to the counter-intelligence.

accident victim

In 1952 in New York happened a strange story.On Broadway, an accident that caused the death pedestrian.Police surprised the clothes of the victim - it was old-fashioned, but in his pockets were found antique clock and a knife made in the last century.If you have found the affected certificate issued 80 years ago and a small on which means the profession of the victim - a salesman.The police checked the address written in the documents.It turned out that there is no said street for about 50 years.Later it turned out that people with such data resided in New York and disappeared about 70 years ago.Moreover, it appears that at the time his daughter was alive, which provided photographs of his father, who died under the wheels of depicting.

can endlessly list the cases documented by time travel.Stories of this kind, telling about the race in the past, the same in the future, always interested public.And for some they are even collectible.Here is an interesting hobby.But let's not dwell on this and move on to the latest scientific developments.


According to Israeli scientist Amos Ori, time travel is possible and scientifically justified.Mathematical calculations of scientists have been published in special publications.He argues that to create a time machine requires a huge gravitational forces.The basis for his research were the findings of Kurt Gödel, made in 1947.The essence of the latter is based on the theory of relativity of Einstein.According to calculations of Ori, the probability of traveling in the past occurs in the case of giving a curved space-time structures form a funnel or ring.Thus, each turn of the resulting structure will carry a man of the past.As stated by Amos Ori, mankind has approached the creation of a time machine.It is possible that in the near future it will become an objective reality, and not just the story of science fiction novels and films.Here only are we ready to face the unknown?What awaits us there - beyond? ..

Bermuda Triangle

This anomalous area is famous for its bad reputation, it is often missing ships and planes.Sometimes they are, but rather, they resemble ghost ships.Cases where there is detected ships without crew, with no trace of the evacuation was not, all things were in the field, in the galley preparing the food, and even inside the smell of cigarette smoke.It seemed that only the crew and passengers left the ship in a minute.Another oddity that rescuers noted that at all hours, found on the "ghost", while significantly lagged behind the real.So it is that this phenomenon falls under the category of "the movement of ships in real time."However, to date there is no right amount of information about this phenomenon, so draw the correct conclusions are not possible.

Moving aircraft in real time

way, and in fact we are quite able to travel in space without machines there.Alternatively ahead of time - it is air travel.The essence of this method is to move between time zones.For example, a flight from the Far East to the European part of the Eurasian continent.As a result of this trip, you can race against time, there are even fans, extreme, are several times the New Year, motayas from one time zone to another.