Spells for Beginners witches and magicians.

The world around us is very much that can not be explained in terms of conventional science.In particular, such phenomena is magic.One can argue about whether there is everything really, or is just a figment of the imagination of man, but the fact remains - the inexplicable happens.At the same time these phenomena can be controlled.This will help you spell for beginners.

Starting to use them, keep in mind that any action triggers a chain of consequences, so think about whether it is necessary to intervene in the current order of things.Spells for Beginners - not a toy.

what is necessary in order to master the art of magic?

what real spells for beginners?How do they work?Often they write that for the development of imagination and magic enough faith in themselves.Applying force do not need, it's magic and miracles.Like, this is the magic for beginners.Spells, but by themselves they will not function.And imagination is enough only for a simple fantasy.Affect the reality of using it is impossible.One component that is often overlooked - is the practice and iron willpower, willingness to features, and if necessary, and move it.But in any case, you should start with something simple and do not require a huge expenditure of energy.

These are just the spell for beginners.Consider some of them below.

Wiccan spells for beginners in the peace and quiet - it's simple and clear

This ritual refers to the Wiccan tradition and witches used to bring peace to the family.To perform the action you need:

  • candle;
  • rose petals;
  • incense;
  • basin of water.

Light a candle.Ideally, if it were pink or white.Said, "Around the calm."

then burn the incense, such as cinnamon or vanilla, and say: "Harmony in the air."Throw rose petals in the water with the words "Peace on Earth".Imagine a planet shrouded aroma of incense and soft pink light.Pour it all into the water or on the ground and complete the ritual words: "Let it be so."Spells for Beginners witch Wiccan tradition was sent out to learn to control himself, and energy.

If you have just set foot on the path of magic, it is better use the spell with a clear structure.They should be a part of the ritual and word-locks, such as: "so be it", "ordered" and the like.This way you are and seal the ritual increases the chances that the magic will work correctly.First, better learn spells white magic for beginners.

as training can try the next plot, which aims to win the favor of man.This does not spell and did not prisushka.By the way, if you have a negative attitude towards the Slavic paganism, it is better not to use a spell at all, because the effect will be the opposite.

«How Yarilo loves all living things, as a mother pities her child, so was the (a) and I am not fasting (a) and mil (a) (name of human interest).May it be so".Pronounces a spell 3 times, clearly keeping in mind the image of a person.Conspiracy helps in communicating with quarrelsome people with superiors or teachers.

Magic for the girls, not only

In the section "Spells for Beginners" includes "to absolve themselves of boredom."It is ideal for the girls, because it allows you to stop worrying about unhappy love, and also has verbal and ritualistic part.You will need:

  • white candle;
  • river or just tap with running water;
  • a glass of boiled water.

Light a candle and said either the pouring tap water or river the following words: "As the water flows on its shores are not grieving, so would I (name) do not grieve would not longed to about (name) - now and ever and ever and ever.Amen. "Next slander text on a glass of water and drink it.As hard as it may, this spell will help you to stabilize the psychophysiological state.Ritual can misfire only if that person - your destiny, if you are connected with it karmic node that will have to untie in this incarnation.By the way, use this spell can be men.


What are some white magic spells for beginners?Of course, the treatment of conspiracies.They are best used only in extreme cases, since healing is due to your personal power.This means that the outflow of power will go up as long as the person does not become healthy.In turn, it is dangerous fatigue and exhaustion of the personal allowance.The body's defenses are weakened, and is a good chance that you will take the patient's illness.For relatively harmless spell of treatment may include a conspiracy to stop the blood.He has almost no part of the ritual.If a man cut himself, imagine that you have the needle in your hand from the light and start to sew it as a wound, representing the blood stops.To enhance the effect Speak or whisper: "Blood is thicker than water, and that ceases to flow."Similar structures have all spells for beginners.Words often say in a whisper and a rhyme.

What not to do?

not recommended for beginners to experiment with so-called black magic, when called upon to implement the planned forces of the Underworld.This is not always the devil and so on. D., But nevertheless such experiments will not bring anything good.In addition, the great danger is not to cope with the fact that you call, and to become dependent on the dark forces.

Protect yourself!

Whatever it was, the spell of protection for beginners to know is necessary in any case, and use as much as possible.To remember long complex texts, in a crisis situation through his teeth is enough to say: "Behind me - the river of fire, in front of me - the road is easy.Around me - iron fence.Teeth, tongue, Castle. "

Or you can use other protective spell.It is difficult, but also more effective.At midnight, he said: "Come, crossing, but the threshold for Bless the doors of the doors of the gates of the gate.I go to Alatyr-stone.On the stone that sits grandfather, a hundred shirts iron clad.Give me a grandfather, his shirt to protect, away from the demon and demon, witch and koldunitsy from dashing, curved, oblique.May it be so.Amen. "Now you can go to bed with a clear conscience.

Black Magic

If you still feel a craving to darkness or in your family were powerful sorcerers, can take a chance and try a simple ritual for revenge.Despite the ease of it is very effective because it is based on the will of the concentration on one single goal.The very essence of the ritual - the post.Every time you want something to eat, give up the goodies in favor of water, bread or an apple.Fasting thus should be 2 weeks, starting with the new moon.End of Lent should coincide with the 16th lunar day - the astronomical full moon.On this night, draw a circle around himself, refuse once again to eat and coming out of the circle and taking a sip of water, Speak, "Damn you, (name) the offender."