The methods of hair extension: The main "pros" and "cons"

Probably about 50 years ago, the phrase "hair extensions" from any person likely would cause confusion, and perhaps stronger emotions.Nowadays, however, it will not surprise anyone.Today, such a phenomenon over the prevalence and growing rapidly, so quickly that any woman who chooses to be transformed in this way can simply get lost in the abundance of ways.

In this case, cute girls, should know that building is divided into two types: hot and cold.And they, in turn, are divided into separate subtypes.

Cold capacity is divided into several types:

1) Band buildup involves attaching ribbons to your hair strands and the subsequent binding them together.This type has no thermal or chemical effect on the hair and it is undoubted advantages, together with the fact that the procedure does not take more than 30-40 minutes.However, this is not the aesthetic appearance of the building and gather hair into a high ponytail will not succeed, and comb these strands will be extremely uncomfortable.

2) Spanish build a capsule.The strands are attached using a special two-phase adhesive.This provides a secure hold and allows you to paint the hair.Capsules here are rather tiny, but their formation is not always out neat.In addition, it is the most labor-intensive build-up.

3) Another view of the building is harmless Japanese .The strands are attached mikroklipsami.But due to the fact that this is used for metal-clamps, when water gets corrosion can occur.But the severity of the metal capsules often causes discomfort.

Another type of "hot capacity" is also divided into several types:

1) One of the most common types is Italian capacity.The advantage is the possibility to visit the sauna and bath, hair lengthen or increase their volume, and hair when such technology will be combed out less than the others.However, the impact, to put it mildly, the heat on the hair can not but be attributed to the unfortunate downside of any build-up of hot, and correction of this kind will take place on the order more difficult.

2) Capacity in which the strands are attached to the hair with the help of acupressure creatine resin called English .The obvious advantage is the ability to master on their own to form a strand, arranging the hair of different colors to achieve the most natural color.However, this method is not suitable girls with sparse hair, as the site of attachment may be appreciable.Yes, and hold such hair no more than 2-3 months, after which the capsule is softened and beginning to comb the hair.

relatively new kind - a mikronaraschivanie , as it is called Korean technology.It takes place with the help of a special apparatus Extend Magic.Korean capacity absorbed all the best from the basic types.The versatility of this procedure is that it allows you to build even one hair, which allows to increase the area of ​​bangs and sideburns, and the capsule is hardly noticeable even touch.The downside of this type, perhaps, will be its high cost due to superiority over other methods.

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